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20/20 Experience Part 2

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Justin Timberlake

20/20 Experience Part 2

12" LP

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Quick Overview

On September 30th Justin Timberlake will continue the journey of his critically acclaimed and worldwide best-selling album of the year, The 20/20 Experience with the release of The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2 on RCA Records. The soulful first single, "Take Back The Night" picks up right where he left off and The 20/20 Experience continues.


Just before the release of The 20/20 Experience, the Roots' ?uestlove, who opened as a DJ for Justin Timberlake's SXSW festival appearance, announced that there would be a sequel. A little more than six months later, it was released, consisting of more recordings from Timberlake's May-June 2012 sessions with friend Timbaland, Jerome Harmon, and James Fauntleroy. The construction is similar to that of the first volume. At 74 minutes and 11 (or 12) songs, it's a little longer, and much of it has that feel-over-concision, part-improv -- just spit ballin'! -- makeup. It starts more energetically, with a frivolous and robust jam for singles night at a zoo or Rainforest Café. The funkier and more frantic "True Blood" increases the energy and humor, swapping out nature effects for fantasy howls. Its ideas are exhausted after three and a half minutes, but it continues for another six. Relatively concise, "Cabaret," a standout featuring Drake, revamps Timbaland's trademark stuttering drums and has some of Timberlake's more clever lines: "If sex is a contest, then you're coming first"; "'Cause I got you saying Jesus so much, it's like we're laying in a manger." Serving the same purpose of "Suit & Tie," "Take Back the Night" is another throwback to sophisticated disco-funk. The second half crawls at slow tempos, including a falsetto soul ballad, a jilted post-breakup number with an extended coda, a blaring kiss-off that shifts into air-horn-enhanced dub, and a squeaky-clean adult pop love song. The album was sold separately and bundled with part one as The 20/20 Experience: The Complete Experience.

Additional Information

Artist Justin Timberlake
Track Listing - Disc 1 - 1 Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want) - 5:15 2 True Blood - 9:31 3 Cabaret - 4:32 4 TKO - 7:04 5 Take Back the Night - 5:55 6 Murder - 5:07 - Disc 2 - 1 Drink You Away - 5:31 2 You Got It On - 5:55 3 Amnesia - 7:04 4 Only When I Walk Away - 7:05 5 Not a Bad Thing - 11:28

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