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Royal trux


12" LP

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Perennial players of the "love it or hate it, we don't care" gambit, and still flaunting their trademark cruddy guitars and loudmouthed, bully-ragging vocals as though all that stuff were still somehow outrageous in this day and age, Accellerator nonetheless shows that Royal Trux have evolved into prime, mature form. "Juicy Juicy Juice" and "The Banana Question" are almost great pop singles (but ditch that tuff-chix voice, willya?), while "Another Year" and "Stevie" show that the band rocks even when they aren't exactly playing rock: the one floats slide whistle over a cowbell beat, while the other reaches for '70s soul of the Mellotron variety. A great disc for the smirking urbanite we all aspire to be (or love to lampoon) and a pick-hit to slow down a party that's gotten too jolly.


Not long after they received Sweet Sixteen, complete with its notorious cover of an excrement- and vomit-filled toilet, Virgin Records realized Royal Trux may not be a crossover act. They were willing to let the band go, giving them severance pay and the master tapes to their recently completed album, Accelerator, which was then released on their old home, Drag City. Listening to the album, it's hard to believe that a major label funded such an exhilaratingly noisy record. Ostensibly the third installment in their ongoing salute to particular decades in rock history -- that is, Thank You took on the '60s, Sweet Sixteen saluted the '70s -- Royal Trux deconstructs '80s rock on Accelerator, running all the instruments through some sort of electronic distortion, taking away the bass, trying to make it sound processed. Since this is Royal Trux, the result still is indebted to the Stones and astoundingly messy, but that's why Accelerator rocks like a demon, running over everything in sight. The album sounds chaotic, but there are some great songs hidden under the cacophony, like the explosive "I'm Ready," the soul vamp "Juicy, Juicy, Juice," and the soul-tinged closer, "Stevie." Royal Trux have rarely had both their songwriting and noise under control like they do here, and the result is pure dynamite -- possibly their best album to date.

Additional Information

Artist Royal trux
Track Listing 1 I'm Ready - 3:54 2 Yellow Kid - 2:10 3 The Banana Question - 3:43 4 Another Year - 4:03 5 Juicy, Juicy, Juice - 5:34 6 Liar - 2:48 7 New Bones - 4:47 8 Follow the Winner - 3:24 9 Stevie [For Steven S.] - 4:53

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