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Afraid Of Heights

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Afraid Of Heights

12" LP

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Straight from the dungeons of L.A., Wavves are release Afraid Of Heights, their fourth album and first on the Mom + Pop and Warner Bros. labels. Now a duo consisting of guitarist Nathan Williams and bassist Stephen Pope, they sound bigger, brasher, and shockingly more professional than ever on Afraid Of Heights which positions the band to take their rightful place amongst the pop-punk gods.

The product of more than a year of writing and recording, Afraid Of Heights expands the Wavves sound while remaining true to the band's original vision - it was created with absolutely no label involvement, a specter that nearly derailed King Of The Beach. Working with producer John Hill (known for his work with M.I.A. and Santigold, as well as with hip-hop acts such as Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan), the band found a willing party in creating what they felt was the truest expression of what they wanted. As for the Afraid Of Heights sessions themselves, Williams paid for them out-of-pocket, explaining his reasoning with, "In doing so, I had no one to answer to. We recorded the songs how and when we wanted without anybody interfering, and that's how it's supposed to be. "


After the fizzy psych-punk of his last album, King of the Beach, Wavves frontman Nathan Williams seemingly discovered a stash of albums from the '90s and fell under their spell while writing and recording the 2013 follow-up, Afraid of Heights. Working with producer John Hill (of Rihanna and Santigold fame) and loyal sidekick Stephen Pope, Williams crafted an album that is full of influences from the era of grunge, pop-punk, and '90 alt-rock. There are guitars that sound just like Kurt Cobain's, quite a few tracks that sound like Weezer deep cuts, lots of quiet-verse/loud-chorus dynamics, bursts of Pixie-esque angst, and a general feel of hazy nostalgia for the era. Although some snotty loser punk noise bursts through on the more straightforward rockers like "Mystic," "Cop," and "Beat Me Up," the rest of the album sounds like it came directly from an album by one of the bands that sprang up on major-label rosters after Nirvana hit big. Lovers of '90s revival bands will find Afraid of Heights right up their alley.

Additional Information

Artist Wavves
Track Listing 1 Sail to the Sun - 3:15 2 Demon to Lean On - 4:11 3 Mystic - 2:23 4 Lunge Forward - 2:49 5 Dog - 3:11 6 Afraid of Heights - 5:06 7 Paranoid - 2:22 8 Cop - 1:57 9 Beat Me Up - 2:20 10 Everything Is My Fault - 2:38 11 That's on Me - 3:40 12 Gimme a Knife - 2:54 13 I Can't Dream - 5:13

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