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Eyes of Alice Cooper

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Alice Cooper

Eyes of Alice Cooper

12" LP

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Limited 180gm white vinyl LP pressing of this 2003 album from the iconic shock rocker. The Eyes Of Alice Cooper was the 23rd album from Alice Cooper. Although it has been said that the title is a reference to the 2000 documentary known as The Eyes Of Tammy Faye, in October 2007, Alice said that was not the case. With this album, Cooper returned to his earlier hard rock sound, in the vein of The Last Temptation. Rock Classics. 2011.


Give him points for persistence: Alice Cooper just won't quit. He's seen it all from the bottom to the top -- and done the trip more than once -- but still continues on his merry-morbid way, punching out albums like a spry young'un. The first thing one has to say about The Eyes of Alice Cooper is thank Jehovah and all his witnesses that the Mascara'd One has grown out of his metal/industrial phase. That look just never took. Discs like Brutal Planet (2000) and the somewhat better Dragontown (2001) offered little to his legacy or his legion of fans -- aside from nascent headbangers discovering the Coop for the first time. Eyes harks back to Alice's overly maligned early-'80s discs Special Forces and Flush the Fashion -- albums that suffered by comparison with his landmark '70s releases but remain far more musically appealing than the aforementioned new-millennium fare. It takes a couple of listens to "get it," but there is some very good material here: largely derivative, yes, but energetic and entertaining nonetheless. And the old sneer-and-wink is back and comes through in lyrics that, unlike the sonics, are distinctive. The punkish "Man of the Year" is a tragicomedy rip on button-down-collar types who climb life's ladder only to end up putting a gun in their mouths. "Novocaine" (the very word brings back memories of Billion Dollar Babies and "Unfinished Sweet") has, believe it, a Bruce Springsteen guitar sound. The best rocker of the pack is "Detroit City," a quasi-anthemic, mid-tempo grunter fuelled by a slapping, tom-tom beat and a fist-pumping chorus. (MC5's Wayne Kramer adds an extra axe on this one.) The classically Cooper-esque ballad "Be With You a While" is another scene-stealer ("I wish I could tell you/Something you didn't know/I wish I could give you/Something you didn't own") and shows that the ol' snake-twirler still has a sensitive side. The most autobiographical moment comes with the second track, "Between High School and Old School." To wit: "I'm stuck somewhere between high school and old school." Ah, but was it not always thus? For more than three decades Alice has been everyone's favorite grown-up in teens' clothing. And that's why he's loved. Alice being Alice.

Additional Information

Artist Alice Cooper
Track Listing 1 What Do You Want from Me? - 3:24 2 Between High School & Old School - 3:01 3 Man of the Year - 2:51 4 Novocaine - 3:07 5 Bye Bye, Baby - 3:27 6 Be With You Awhile - 4:17 7 Detroit City - 3:58 8 Spirits Rebellious - 3:35 9 This House Is Haunted - 3:30 10 Love Should Never Feel Like This - 3:32 11 The Song That Didn't Rhyme - 3:17 12 I'm So Angry - 3:36 13 Backyard Brawl - 2:36

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