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General Strike

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General Strike

12" LP

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The 13 tracks that comprise the bands 8th studio album are arguably their most aggressive to date. With influences ranging from hardcore to modern folk punk, The General Strike is reckless yet tight, experimental yet familiar, and as impassioned and enraged as the bands feels


Perennial rabble-rousers Anti-Flag come back to throw sand in the face of the establishment on their ninth studio album, The General Strike. Combining blunt, no-nonsense political ideals with driving punk rock into an anti-establishment steamroller, the album finds Anti-Flag once again sticking with the direct approach as they comment on the Occupy Wall Street movement and the ever widening gap in America's class system. While lyrics like "They're sleeping between satin sheets while huddled masses sleep in the streets/Tucked in at night they lay and dream of Corporate State Theocracy," from "Nothing Recedes Like Progress," don't allow much in the way of misinterpretation, they do root a lot of the songs in a very specific time and place. This kind of timeliness gives The General Strike the feeling that, though inspiring in its day, it doesn't have that special something that makes a song like the Clash's "Know Your Rights" an enduring anthem for the oppressed and disenfranchised. Despite this, it's still worth pointing out that at least Anti-Flag are standing up to say something at all, and every movement needs its fight songs to keep people going in the face of adversity. For all the people camping out in the cold, The General Strike definitely has enough fire to keep you warm.

Additional Information

Artist Anti-Flag
Track Listing 1 Controlled Opposition 2 The Neo Liberal Anthem 3 1915 4 This Is the New Sound 5 Bullshit Opportunist 6 The Ranks of the Masses Rising 7 Turn a Blind Eye 8 Broken Bones 9 I Don't Wanna 10 Nothing Recedes Like Progress 11 Resist 12 The Ghosts of Alexandria -

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