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Icky Mettle

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Archers of Loaf

Icky Mettle

12" LP

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Like fellow indie rockers Pavement, Archers of Loaf excel in making uneasy-listening pop, with sharp, angular guitars jutting this way and that, barring the listener from turning any corner without a little work. Vocalist/guitarist Eric Bachmann is as committed a rock singer as you'll find, impressively following every note with vocal cords stretched as far as they'll go. The two guitars caterwaul like trapped animals; the rhythm section churns out a solid, scary backbeat, gluing the whole mess together into one surprisingly powerful whole. The raging, relentless "Last Word" stands as a shining example of college rock circa 1993.


Raw, swirling, and remarkably brash, Archers of Loaf’s debut, Icky Mettle, helped to establish the North Carolina band as a force to be reckoned with in the pantheon of '90s indie rock. With their layered, guitar-heavy approach and driving energy, the album feels like an artifact from an alternate time line where the Pixies decided to get more and more aggressive after Surfer Rosa. Though the band doesn’t completely eschew the idea of harmony, they certainly take a more smash and grab approach to it, paving the road to sonic bliss with destroyed amps and shredded vocal chords. What makes this sound so compelling is the way it explores the full spectrum of guitar-centric rock, pulling together the blunt and abrasive with the thoughtful in the musical equivalent of a shotgun wedding with the bride and groom doing everything in their power to hold it together while the family is watching in uneasy silence. This tension is held up throughout the entire album as both sides of Archers of Loaf’s dual nature fight for supremacy in a battle that would leave a permanent mark on the indie rock landscape.

Additional Information

Artist Archers of Loaf
Track Listing 1 Web in Front - 2 Last Word - 3 Wrong - 4 You and Me - 5 Might - 6 Hate Paste - 7 Fat - 8 Plumb Line - 9 Learo, You’re a Hole - 10 Sick File - 11 Toast - 12 Backwash - 13 Slow Worm -

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