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Archie Bronson Outfit


12" LP

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Quick Overview

Generating molten heat right from the opening bars of first track Magnetic Warrior, Coconut, the new Archie Bronson Outfit album, is a record full of deep riffs, spaced loops and the sound of a band revelling in both their individuality and intensity. Coconut is a record of barely contained ambition and ecstatic overload. The album was produced by DFA's Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair) with recording sessions in Michigan, London, and mixing in New York. The result is a wildness of musical vision, given the freedom to be let absolutely loose.


Four years after the herky-jerky, cowpoking garage rock of Derdang Derdang, Archie Bronson Outfit return with their edges smoothed. With the help of Mo Wax co-founder and Death from Above producer Tim Goldsworthy, Coconut sounds more psychedelic than swampy. It has bite, but it’s not as straining, with vocalist Sam Windett singing his distresses (rather than yelling) over varied styles; including stoner rock, disco, noise, post-punk, and lo-fi tropicalia. The coarse “Magnetic Warrior” starts the show in a cyclical riff of razor-wire guitars, “Chunk” takes from Orange Juice drainpipe disco circa 1983, “Wild Strawberries” is a blistering thrash of garage punk, and "Hunt You Down" is a breezy Damon Albarn-by-way-of-Velvet Underground ballad that playfully alternates “I’m gonna hunt you down” with “I’m gonna hunker down,” and “I’ve got a hunger now” over steampipe hisses and ‘60s guitar jangle. “Bite It and Believable” is perhaps the most accessible single, with its MGMT-like blend of easy melodies and mystical weirdness. Archie Bronson Outfit might be testing their limits by taking so many stylistic risks on Coconut, but it all works surprisingly well for them; they never sound like they are pushing for the mainstream or losing their sense of individuality.

Additional Information

Artist Archie Bronson Outfit
Track Listing 1 Magnetic Warrior - 4:53 2 Shark’s Tooth - 3:12 3 Hoola - 3:44 4 Wild Strawberries - 3:02 5 Chunk - 4:41 6 You Have a Right to a Mountain Life/One Up on Yourself - 4:27 7 Bite It & Believe It - 3:34 8 Hunt You Down - 4:22 9 Harness (Bliss) - 5:36 10 Run Gospel Singer - 2:34

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