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Suara Naga

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Arrington De Dionyso

Suara Naga

12" LP

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Quick Overview

You know how in the 1950s the press and parents and such talked about how rock'n'roll had some evil, sexual, tribal force that was going to possess the youth? Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa is really that. Trance-punk dancehall explosion gonna knock you up! 2011! Formerly of Old Time Relijun, this is Dionyso's second Malaikat Dan Singa release, the lyrics for which are entirely in (self-taught) Indonesian. Fancy!


Arrington de Dionyso’s third solo album for K Records, and his second billed as Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa, is a sequel to the journey started on his 2009 album. Like Malaikat Dan Singa (the album), the defiant vocalist ties together a strangely compelling bow of raga, no wave, and lo-fi. It’s an otherworldly vibe, to be sure, sounding like the Contortions backing up Elephant Man in a cement-walled basement. Top this with De Dionyso’s unique singing style, which involves guttural throat singing in Indonesian and crazed Middle Eastern scales, and you have a fusion that is sure to polarize audiences and make genre-tagging nearly impossible. Compared to I See Beyond the Black Sun, which played like a monk chanting over a didgeridoo, this is more akin to the upbeat skronk of Old Time Relijun; full of disjointed beats and tension. Taxing as it is, Suara Naga is one of De Dionyso’s more accessible outings, and worth checking out if you’re the daring type.

Additional Information

Artist Arrington De Dionyso
Track Listing 1 Kerasukan - 3:21 2 Baru Limunan - 3:42 3 Aku di Penjara - 4:05 4 Binglala - 4:55 5 Bianglala Batin - 2:58 6 Iblis Atas Iblis - 3:35 7 Madu Mahadahsyat - 2:26 8 Susu Naga - 3:12 9 Wadah Rohani - 4:53 10 Perawan Berawan - 3:58 11 Halilintar! - 3:25

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