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Avec Laudenum

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Stars Of The Lid

Avec Laudenum

12" LP

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Orig. rlsed on Belgium's Sub Rosa label in 2000. Adam Wiltzie & Brian Mc Bride recorded the album via mail & by the time it was done Adam had moved from Austin to Brussels. This is the first time it will be avail. in the US at domestic prices and it mar


Avec Laudenum moves at a glacier's pace and, slowly yet surely, calls to mind the glazed eye, vacant trance, and pure (temporary) euphoria of the heavy laudanum user. "The Atomium," a three-part work, takes all of 16 minutes to gradually build from a series of softened drones into the exquisite ambience of an orchestra lulling heaven itself to sleep, only to halt the reverie by (just as gradually) introducing ominous backmasked guitars. Of the other two pieces, "Dust Breeding" has much the same effect and feeling of transcendence, while "I Will Surround You" has slightly more of a Technicolor feel. Reportedly recorded by mail between SotL members Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride, Avec Laudenum is a magnificent piece of minimalist ambience. [Originally released in 1999 by the Belgian Sub Rosa label, the album was reissued in America by Kranky in late 2002.]

Additional Information

Artist Stars Of The Lid
Track Listing 1. The Atomium: Part One 2. The Atomium: Part Two 3. The Atomium: Part Three 4. Dust Breeding (1.316)+ 5. I Will Surround You

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