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How Will You

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How Will You

12" LP

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Azita Youssefi is an experimental musician and artist based in Chicago. She is usually associated with the Chicago no wave scene, which included bands like the Flying Luttenbachers, U.S. Maple and Bobby Conn.


Chicago's boss of the keys returns with an album of musings and implications, but no solid answers. She can string together a melody like no other and that talent is put to great use on these slippery songs. Just when you've got a real grasp, you wake up on the ground 30 seconds later with a head wound.

Additional Information

Artist Azita
Track Listing 1 I'm Happy - 4:40 2 How Will You? - 6:42 3 Away - 5:17 4 Laughter Again - 4:42 5 Things Gone Wrong - 3:46 6 Come William - 7:00 7 Lullbye - 5:27 8 You Really Knew How to Turn It On (But It's off Now) - 7:26 9 Scylla and Charybdis - 4:52

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