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Pioneering musically and questing lyrically, Underworld have forced the pace of electronic music. 'Barking' is the title of Underworld's first album in three years, and their first to be constructed with a brilliant cast of co-conspirators. All the tracks were written by the band in their Essex studio before being given to handpicked studio heads from across the whole spectrum of dance music to add some of their style and creativity to the band's raw material. The result is a pimped-up Underworld record and their finest collection of songs in over a decade.


Underworld's eighth album found the duo seeking outside production, which came in the form of a half-dozen dance heavyweights who pull the aging duo in several different directions, mostly pop, trance, and, occasionally, their native techno. The opening "Bird 1" is a glorious return to form, featuring a production from Dubfire that recasts the duo in the gritty, rain-soaked techno of 1993, a dead ringer for Dubnobasswithmyheadman's "Dark & Long." Underworld have rarely revisited old ground, making this a startling and excellent track. Still, Barking doesn't spend much time there, instead visiting much brighter territory on the single "Scribble," with a production by High Contrast that should have creative directors rearranging their budgets to license. The biggest name here is Paul Van Dyk, whose "Diamond Jigsaw" is as straight-ahead as techno can get -- and also sounds like it could earn its share of advertising dollars. Although this is hardly Underworld at their finest, the duo's songwriting fits the mainstream productions and results in a solid dance album for the 2010s -- music for aging-raver activities like driving cars, pushing swings, or jogging on treadmills.

Additional Information

Artist Underworld
Track Listing 1 Bird 1 - 6:50 2 Always Loved a Film - 6:52 3 Scribble - 6:58 4 Hamburg Hotel - 5:18 5 Grace - 5:11 6 Between Stars - 6:06 7 Diamond Jigsaw - 5:36 8 Moon in Water - 5:42 9 Louisiana - 5:05

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