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Burning From The Inside

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Burning From The Inside

12" LP

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The essential Goth band Bauhaus was already starting to splinter by the time of this final album, so Burning from the Inside is a rickety bridge between fiery, arty intimations of darkness, and the two paths bandmembers later took: singer Peter Murphy's intense new-wave drama, and the more playful dance-club rock groove favored by the others (who went on to Tones On Tail and to Love and Rockets). David J.'s guitar sound, sour and sharp, and the band's dubby production tricks, define these songs more than Murphy's tremulous pronouncements about Antonin Artaud and emotional violence, and the artistic tension makes this their most musically adventurous record, from the tiny groan "Wasp" to the sprawling, doom-laden title track.


If The Sky's Gone Out felt like a collection of various recordings, Burning from the Inside really was, due in large part to outside events -- Murphy had fallen victim to a life-threatening illness, so the rest of the band began recording without him, which more than anything else foreshadowed both Bauhaus' breakup and the trio's future work as Love and Rockets. As a result, two songs ended up on the album, the piano-led cinematic moodiness of "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight" and the sweet acoustic drive of "Slice of Life," with David J and Ash on lead vocals respectively. Furthermore, more songs from the earliest days of the band were dug up to provide material, the most notable and successful being the dub-inflected, heavily dramatic "She's in Parties," using filmmaking as a metaphor for romance and life, with Murphy's excellent lead balanced against a near-whispering chorus from the other two singers. The end result of all this was an album that was good in spots but not as strong throughout as it could be, while betraying the other performing and writing strains that would soon cause the band to call it a day. As before, though, when the band members were on, they were on with a vengeance, such as the medieval folk dance "King Volcano" and the starkly beautiful "Kingdom's Coming." The ten-minute title track takes a good idea and stretches it out a little too long, but the concluding track "Hope" follows it with a life-affirming, inspirational vibe that serves as much as a farewell for Bauhaus' audience as anything else. While imperfect, Burning from the Inside has much more to recommend it than many other albums.

Additional Information

Artist Bauhaus
Track Listing 1 She's in Parties - 5:43 2 Antonin Artaud - 4:04 3 Wasp - :20 4 King Volcano - 3:29 5 Who Killed Mr. Moonlight - 4:54 6 Slice of Life - 3:43 7 Honeymoon Croon - 2:52 8 Kingdom's Coming - 2:25 9 Burning from the Inside - 9:19 10 Hope - 3:16

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