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Peel Sessions

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Birthday Party

Peel Sessions

12" LP

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UK compilation for the Aussie post-punk act featuring Nick Cave. 16 tracks, 'Cry', 'Yard', 'Figure Of Fun', 'King Ink', 'Release The Bats', 'Roland Around In That Stuff', 'Sometimes Pleasure Heads Must Burn', 'Loose', 'Big Jesus Trashcan', 'She's Hit', 'Bully Bones', 'Six Inch Gold Blade', 'Pleasure Avalanche', 'Deep In The Woods', 'Sonny's Burning' & 'Marry Me (Lie Lie)'.


It's often been bemoaned that the Birthday Party, Nick Cave's postpunk outfit, never managed to capture on record the confrontational frenzy of their live performances. These four sessions, recorded for the John Peel radio show between September 1980 and November 1982, arguably form the most accurate portrayal of the band ever released, as they were under severe time constraints on each occasion. The 16 tracks survey their finest work--"She's Hit," "Big Jesus Trash Can," "King Ink"--all with simple, portentous bass lines and Rowland Howard's vicious stabs of reverberating guitar. The juddering rockabilly of "Release the Bats" (which, much to Cave's disgust, became an anthem for Goths worldwide) is also featured, along with the seldom heard "Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)" and a churning cover of the Stooges' "Loose." As the tracks (and the years) pass, one can see Cave's progression toward writing somber murder ballads, such as "Deep in the Woods." And there is undeniable evidence that he was a tremendously funny man from the start: "Even my dog kicks me!" he howls during "Figure of Fun."

Additional Information

Artist Birthday Party
Track Listing 1. Cry 2. Yard 3. Figure of Fun 4. King Ink 5. Release the Bats 6. Roland Around in That Stuff 7. (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Most Burn 8. Loose 9. Big Jesus Trash Can 10. She's Hit 11. Bully Bones 12. Six Inch Gold Blade 13. Pleasure Avalanche 14. Deep in the Woods 15. Sonny's Burning 16. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)

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