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Mr. Impossible

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Black Dice

Mr. Impossible

12" LP

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Quick Overview

For over fifteen years, the highly influential Black Dice have continuously reinvented and mutated punk music into new sonic stews. The New York based trio of Eric Copeland, Bjorn Copeland, and Aaron Warren have released scores of albums, EPs, and singles on iconic labels (Gravity, 31g,Troubleman, dDFA, Paw Tracks), that document their musical travels, from raw brutal thrash to inside-out pop anthems from way out. Mr. Impossible, is the band's sixth full length; it's the soundtrack to a substance-fueled teen basement show on Mars.


The experimentalists’ sixth outing, Mr. Impossible, continues to buck trends and sticks to the anti-formula of 2009’s Repo. Equipped with the same reluctant drum machine, an armory of effects boxes, and stacks of vintage gear (rarely traditional: more like junkyard keyboards and cassette players), Eric Copeland, Bjorn Copeland, and Aaron Warren haven’t abandoned their quirks, they’ve come to terms with them. A palette of warbled loops, modulated vocals, and circuit-bent crunches has always made for a beguiling ride, but over time these sounds have become a recognizable trademark. The familiar skronks and bloops keep listeners grounded, even when the instrumentation is unclear or melody and structure are thrown out the window. When things come together straight away, as with “The Jacker,” it still sounds more like an automobile factory stamping bolts than a typical pop song. But the challenge of finding the magic behind the madness is part of the thrill for fans, and Black Dice maintain the high experimental standards that made their other records cult favorites, and manage to present their spectrum of squelches in a more focused way than usual, without sacrificing playfulness.

Additional Information

Artist Black Dice
Track Listing 1 Pinball Wizard - 5:10 2 Rodriguez - 4:21 3 The Jacker - 4:23 4 Pigs - 3:27 5 Spy vs. Spy - 4:43 6 Outer Body Drifter - 5:37 7 Shithouse Drifter - 4:12 8 Carnitas - 8:17 9 Brunswich Sludge (Meets Front Page Tripper) - 5:50

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