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Black Mesa

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Jon Porras

Black Mesa

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Recorded by Jon Porras (otherwise known as one half of Barn Owl) at home and in his practice space, Black Mesa is intended as a reflection on desolation and the search for light in a barren land. Featuring seven composed tracks of meditative electric guitar embellished with improvised atmospherics and white light feedback, the album follows an outlaw wanderer who ventures deep into the desert only to discover the Black Mesa, a bridge between worlds (as related to string theory or multiverse theory). It's the desert counterpart to David Lynch's Black Lodge, an entrance into cavernous mystery. Musically inspired by Sandy Bull, Popol Vuh, and Neil Young, Black Mesa explores the depths and expands the boundaries of ambient and drone music.


Jon Porras' second solo effort under his own name, as opposed to the Elm title on a slew of other releases, finds the Barn Owl stalwart as engaging and capable as his bandmate Evan Caminiti when it comes to extending the atmospheric and varied experimentation of his core duo without specifically replicating it. The seven instrumentals here all match the cover art and title nicely, suggestive of an American West of the mind where both time and potential sources of style all collapse into a series of intriguing sonic sculptures. Core, though, to most of the album is how nearly every song goes one way and then moves to another approach, creating a sense of evolution instead of one monolithic approach after another. It's a lovely way to hint at both Porras' and Barn Owl's essentially exploratory approach while again carving a distinct path. Black Mesa ranges from the distant, almost calm start of "Candlelight Mirage" to the metallic drone-scrape evident on the concluding "Beyond the Veil," while an overall air of stateliness and ritualistic progression suffuses the collection. Quieter moments like "Desert Flight" and "Embers at Dusk" further flesh out the encompassing and involving release.

Additional Information

Artist Jon Porras
Track Listing 1 Into Midnight - 9:25 2 Blue Crescent Vision - 6:00 3 Candlelight Mirage - 5:30 4 Desert Flight - 5:22 5 Embers at Dusk - 5:46 6 Into the Black Mesa - 8:52 7 Beyond the Veil - 6:53

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