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Black Sabbath


12" LP

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Dehumanizer is seen by many metal aficionados as a 'lost classic.' Released after a decade-long hiatus, its highlights include 'I','Computer God,' and 'TV Crimes.'


From the group many credit with creating metal, guitarist Tony Iommi resurrected an earlier lineup of Black Sabbath for Dehumanizer. As is their wont, the Sabs show concern for humanity's future. Lead track "Computer God" tackles mankind's capitulation at the altar of technology. "After All" evokes the morbid/mystical themes and sonic plod of earliest Sabbath. Dehumanizer breaks little new ground. But with hundreds of other groups expropriating the sound these days, it's comforting to find that, 22 years on, there's still no one who can churn out those sinister, almost orchestral three chords quite as effectively as Iommi and Butler.

Additional Information

Artist Black Sabbath
Track Listing 1 Computer God - 6:14 2 After All (The Dead) - 5:41 3 TV Crimes - 4:02 4 Letters from Earth - 4:16 5 Master of Insanity - 5:55 6 Time Machine - 4:15 7 Sins of the Father - 4:46 8 Too Late - 6:54 9 I - 5:13 10 Buried Alive - 4:53

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