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I See A Darkness

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Bonnie Prince Billy

I See A Darkness

12" LP

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"Prince" Will Oldham has always threatened to make a completely devastating album and this is it. Brooding and strikingly intimate, I See a Darkness picks through the abandoned camps of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, finding lonely tales and ragged melodies strewn about. The magic comes in the light Oldham is able to shine on these songs, rendering them both gorgeously baroque yet starkly modern


Bonnie "Prince" Billy's album I See a Darkness seems to pick up where Will Oldham's 1997 album Joya left off; a more melodic style than the veteran Palace listener might be used to. Oldham definitely hasn't abandoned his foundation of mordant lyrics and minimalist arrangements, but he has built a variety of different layers that make this album an emotional and pleasurable listening experience. In "Nomadic Revery," Oldham draws upon his classic Appalachian sound; it's the kind of song that begs you to join in. Oldham has always given the kind of energy to his character's voices that most people are afraid to relate to. This is all too evident in "Death to Everyone," Oldham punches out his bitter poetry in his most somber voice. The album takes its most surprising turn on "Madeleine-Mary," a Celtic-style folk song set to a Rastafarian guitar sound. "Today I Was an Evil One" introduces a horn section that drives home his morbid words in a strangely elegant manner. The album closes with a short and rare love song called "Raining in Darling"; Oldham stretches his voice to its most impressive limits, and the number is touching and hopeful.

Additional Information

Artist Bonnie Prince Billy
Track Listing 1 A Minor Place - 3:43 2 Nomadic Revery (All Around) - 3:58 3 I See a Darkness - 4:49 4 Another Day Full of Dread - 3:45 5 Death to Everyone - 3:10 6 Knockturne - 4:31 7 Madeleine-Mary - 2:17 8 Song for the New Breed - 2:31 9 Today I Was an Evil One - 3:23 10 Black - 3:52 11 Raining in Darling - 1:54

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