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Bosque Brown


12" LP

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For the past 15 months Texas group Bosque Brown have been quietly working on their sophomore full-length with producer Chris Flemmons (baptist generals). A dramatic step forward from their debut, Plays Mara Lee Miller. Baby features a fuller sound and more expansive instrumentation. Where Mara Lee was recorded in a few short days with relatively few takes, Baby benefits from the band's ability to record closer to home, allowing them to take as much time as necessary. Baby's rich musicianship reflects Bosque Browns increasing stature as a live band. The group took their time to find the right sounds--adding things in, taking things away, letting the songs grow under Flemmons' watchful guidance.


On their second LP, Fort Worth/Denton, Texas' Bosque Brown remain tinted by the breathy, ghostly chamber vocals of Mara Lee Miller, who sounds like a bizarre group marriage of Chan Marshall of Cat Power, Björk, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Sam Phillips, Hope Sandoval, and Patsy Cline. She would have to be, singing over music that flits from '30s country to gospel to ancient folk. Usually, the backing is so spare (just a piano, or barely troubled acoustic) it feels like she is singing a cappella even though she only does that occasionally, like on "Off and Off, Pts. 1 & 2." Good thing her voice is so piquant, darkly soulful, and rich, instead of thin and waif-like, because she's up to the task of carrying these 13 evocative cuts

Additional Information

Artist Bosque Brown
Track Listing 1 White Dove - 2:08 2 Went Walking - 3:45 3 So Loud - 4:46 4 On & Off, Pt. 3 - 1:41 5 Texas Sun - 4:10 6 Whiskey Flats - 2:33 7 On & Off, Pt. 1 - 1:45 8 Train Song - 3:03 9 This Town - 5:22 10 On & Off, Pt. 3 - 2:04 11 Oh River - 4:01 12 Phone Call - 3:11 13 Soft Love - 1:25

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