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Brian Eno


12" LP

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LUX is Brian Eno's first solo album on Warp Records and his first solo release since 2005's Another Day On Earth. It finds him expanding upon the types of themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as Music For Films, Music For Airports and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Eno sees it as a continuation of his 'Music for Thinking' project that includes Discreet Music (1975) and Neroli (1993).

LUX is one of Eno's most ambitious works to date; it is a 76 minute composition in twelve sections that evolved from a work currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy. The album is Eno's third for Warp, following Small Craft on a Milk Sea (with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams) and Drums Between The Bells (with Rick Holland).


On his third offering for Warp, Brian Eno returns to ambient music once again. He displayed it on his label debut, 2010's Small Craft on a Milk Sea, but the various pieces on it were either rejects from "The Lovely Bones" soundtrack or developed with Leo Abrahams on the Everything That Happens Will Happen Today tour. The music on Lux is a single, 75-minute composition divided into four segments that are just over 18 minutes in length or under 20. They were composed to accompany an exhibit of Eno's visual art in Turin. While the music on Lux adheres to his ambient principle of making music that is "rewarding attention but not being so strict as to demand it," and there is an elemental drift in all four parts of this work, that's not all there is. Aided once again by Abrahams on Moog guitar, and violins and violas by Neil Catchpole, Eno's electronic textures and drones are also accented by the piano's stray single notes or minimal chords, and skeletal use of bass and/or acoustic guitar. But that sense of drift, while inescapable, is actually more deliberate and tactile. Music swells in places, wanes in others. The sense of mood and suggestion of various shades of light can be altered in an almost startling fashion as displayed at 15:47 of "Lux 1," when the tonality of the piece drops as piano keys are played in the lower register to deliberately add a sense of something approaching drama. Here again, however, Eno's sense of creating space all around his droning themes just moves the idea along to the next place. As each section fades and disappears, the next emerges, quietly, unobtrusively, into another tonally and texturally different one that contains only the trace memory of what transpired previously. While each track exists in a self-contained sphere, it is seemingly continuous in its relationship to the others. The listener's role isn't so much to be absorbed in actively engaging the composition, but to be absorbed by it. That said, there is great reward in actually focusing on what "happens" in this quiet landscape, because Lux betrays the implication of vastness and musical adventure just underneath its dulcet tones and restrained palettes.

Additional Information

Artist Brian Eno
Track Listing 1 Lux 1 - 19:21 2 Lux 2 - 18:13 3 Lux 3 - 19:18 4 Lux 4 - 18:28

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