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My Bloody Underground

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Brian Jonestown Massacre

My Bloody Underground

12" LP

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Quick Overview

This is the first Brian Jonestown Massacre album in over 4 years. Recorded with select members from the Brian Jonestown Massacre,
Icelandic musicians, and Mark Gardener (Ride). Recorded in Liverpool and Reykjavik in August 2007 and completed in Reykjavik in October 2007.
This is the thirteenth full length album from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and released on Anton s label - a recordings. This album offers a mix of the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound with a more experimental and avant-garde approach. --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.


After a four year hiatus (with the exception of a five-song EP in 2005) and another lineup change, Brian Jonestown Massacre take their sound full circle returning to the shoegazer roots that prompted the band to make their first album Methodrone. My Bloody Underground takes cues from two of the most important and influential bands of their respective eras, My Bloody Valentine and Velvet Underground, just as the title suggests, as well as Julian Cope's My Nation Underground. Noise pop and neo-psychedelia are the most notable sources for Anton Newcombe's new music, and after eight albums and a handful of EPs, his rekindled interest in bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain keeps his songs from sounding redundant. Newcombe's key talent is his ability to take music from the past and project it as music for the future. Despite the fact that his quick mouth and serious ego might persuade you otherwise, he's not a god or a superhero (too bad, because "Osmosisman" has a nice ring to it), but there's no arguing that he has a supernatural ability to soak up his record collection and project his favorite elements spot-on, filtered as a unique vision. The first couple songs feel a lot like the Brian Jonestown Massacre we've grown to know, love, and fear, with the expected psychedelic '60s Stones/Kinks throwbacks, charmingly slopped up with a junkyard of instruments and the occasional out of tune guitar. As the album picks up, things get truly warped and a new angle is introduced when '80s shoegazer aspects and '70s Krautrock are thrown into the mix. Imitation Kevin Shields' guitar drones with slight whammy bends fill the air alongside breathy vocals in "Who Cares Why" and "Just Like Kicking Jesus", and faux-German Neu! vocals and a driving guitar fuzz permeate "Golden Frost." Running almost 75 minutes long, the album's as surreal as anything BJM has done, and fans who appreciate their controversial side will appreciate that it is still intact, as evident in song titles like "Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs on the White House)," "We Are the Niggers of the World," and "Automatic Faggot for the People." Hellbent on pushing the envelope, Newcombe shines as a prolific madman once again and as recycled as the ideas are, My Bloody Underground is a fantastic new direction and a forward thinking album that indicates that however combustible, there is a lot more life left in BJM, in any incarnation.

Additional Information

Artist Brian Jonestown Massacre
Track Listing 1. Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropp 2. Infinite Wisdom Tooth/My Last Night in Bed with You 3. Who Fucking Pissed in My Well? 4. We Are the Niggers of the World 5. Who Cares Why 6. Yeah - Yeah 7. Golden - Frost 8. Just Like Kicking Jesus 9. Ljosmyndir 10. Automatic Faggot for the People 11. Darkwave Driver/Big Drill Car 12. Monkey Powder 13. Black Hole Symphony

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