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Gruff Rhys


12" LP

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The cornerstones of this record became the soft vocal sound of "Psychocandy"-era Jesus And Mary Chain coupled with the sonic sweetshop of daisy age hip-hop. Rhys was also listening to old 60's and 70's Welsh language pop, folksploitation, and prog rock 7-inches, which influenced a lot of slo-mo solo acoustic numbers and built up a bedrock of varied sounds. This is an album of eleven songs for the acoustic guitar and voice. A mesmerizing musical journey.


Technically, Candylion isn't the first solo album by Super Furry Animals' frontman Gruff Rhys, but it's his first to be sung in English. More importantly, it has the form and feel of a pop album, which 2005's Yr Atal Genhedlaeth lacked. In that sense, it's a debut, but this 2007 venture also represents a slight break from SFA's recent past, too, even if it's not a radical break. Lighter and hardly as fussy as anything the Furries have done since Guerrilla, Candylion is lithe and cheerful, lacking both the proggy pomp and electronic eclecticism that rendered recent SFA albums alluring and maddening in equal measure. In their place are sunny melodies, propelled forward by flutes, gurgling synths, and acoustic guitars that never succumb to dippy folkiness. This is a breezy affair, almost drifting away in the breeze like so many needles from a dandelion, and that's the niftiest thing about it; it gives the album a cheerful, warm vibe. Ultimately, Candylion is the sound of Gruff Rhys relaxed, simply letting the music flow easily, and after hearing Super Furry Animals labor hard at crafting self-conscious masterpieces, this is a welcome reminder of the scruffy, clever charm of Rhys at his inventive peak.

Additional Information

Artist Gruff Rhys
Track Listing 1 This Is Just the Beginning - :50 2 Candylion - 2:31 3 The Court of King Arthur - 3:24 4 Lonsome Words - 2:55 5 Cycle of Violence - 2:56 6 Painting People Blue - 2:53 7 Beacon in the Darkness - 3:18 8 Con CariƱo - 2:18 9 Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru - 3:17 10 Now That the Feeling Has Gone - 3:01 11 Ffrwydriad Yn y Ffurfafen - 2:40 12 Skylon! - 14:36

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