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Doc At The Radar Station

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Captain Beefheart

Doc At The Radar Station

12" LP

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Generally acclaimed as the strongest album of his comeback, and by some as his best since Trout Mask Replica, Doc at the Radar Station had a tough, lean sound owing partly to the virtuosic new version of the Magic Band (featuring future Pixies sideman Eric Drew Feldman, New York downtown-scene guitarist Gary Lucas, and a returning John "Drumbo" French, among others) and partly to the clear, stripped-down production, which augmented the Captain's basic dual-guitar interplay and jumpy rhythms with extra percussion instruments and touches of Shiny Beast's synths and trombones. Many of the songs on Doc either reworked or fully developed unused material composed around the time of the creatively fertile Trout Mask sessions, which adds to the spirited performances. Even if the Captain's voice isn't quite what it once was, Doc at the Radar Station is an excellent, focused consolidation of Beefheart's past and then-present.


At first listen, Doc at the Radar Station is cacophonous, atonal, and jagged. It's the same after repeated listenings, but by then the whimsical humor, blissful invention, melodic turnabouts, and even warmth shine through. Doc at the Radar Station was the follow-up to the Captain's big comeback record for the punk and new-wave crowd, 1978's merely OK Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller). Some of the songs on the disc were originally written in between Beefheart's two strongest records, 1969's mind-blowing Trout Mask Replica and 1970's merrymaking Lick My Decals Off, Baby. Doc at the Radar Station was made with a newly energized, younger Magic Band featuring Eric Drew Feldman, Robert Williams, and Gary Lucas. With their help, old man Beefheart was blowing chunks of lyrical beauty ("Making Love to a Vampire with a Monkey on My Knee") and mystical, rollicking, blues-baked skronk ("Run Paint, Run, Run") with the same force as PIL, Pere Ubu, or any other postpunks of the day that adulated the man.

Additional Information

Artist Captain Beefheart
Track Listing 1 Hot Head - 3:22 2 Ashtray Heart - 3:26 3 A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond - 1:38 4 Run Paint Run Run - 3:39 5 Sue Egypt - 2:57 6 Brickbats - 2:43 7 Dirty Blue Gene - 3:51 8 Best Batch Yet - 5:01 9 Telephone - 1:31 10 Flavor Bud Living - 1:00 11 Sheriff of Hong Kong - 6:33 12 Making Love to a Vampire With a Monkey on My Knee - 3:10

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