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An uneasy, asymmetric weave of sung songs, chants, electronic noise solos, and spaghetti western guitar interludes. "City Of Refuge" suggests a film soundtrack; a narrative propelled by yearning, passion, dislocation, ambiguity, regret, redemption, cryptic symbolism, and other art film obligatories. This is not just music but emotional catharsis. Guest appearances by Jana Hunter, Sufjan Stevens, Dawn Smithson (Jessamine, Sunn O))))), Scot Tuma (Souled American, Boxhead Ensemble), and co-producer Ero Gray.


Desolation is the canvas on which Castanets mastermind Ray Raposa chooses to present his unique brand of "experimental Americana," and City of Refuge does little to refute that notion. Recorded alone over three weeks in a desolate motel room in Overton, NV, Raposa (no stranger to depression, melancholy, and futility) populates his small corner of the country with a single electric guitar that conjures up images of a spaghetti Western gone all wrong. Similar in tone and timbre to bands like Calexico, Friends of Dean Martinez, and 16 Horsepower, but far more austere, Castanets' fourth album sounds like dust and tastes like rain. Sometimes running idly through myriad patches on an effects processor ("High Plain") or reducing a classic spiritual ("I'll Fly Away") to its last raw nerve, City of Refuge never succumbs to the silence that so obviously surrounds it. Even appearances (overdubbed after the initial field recordings) from Sufjan Stevens, Jana Hunter, Scott Tuma, Dawn Smithson, and Ero Gray feel unobtrusive, resulting in a strange, sad, but ultimately compelling collection of hopeless Western indie folk.

Additional Information

Artist Castanets
Track Listing 1 Celestial Shore - 1:02 2 High Plain 1 - 2:35 3 The Destroyer - 1:34 4 Prettiest Chain - 2:10 5 Refuge 1 - 3:57 6 The Quiet - 1:16 7 Glory B - 3:58 8 High Plain 3 - 1:30 9 I'll Fly Away - 1:24 10 The Hum - 1:06 11 Savage - 2:47 12 Shadow Valley - 5:56 13 High Plain 2 - 2:43 14 Refuge 2 - 4:59 15 After the Fall - 2:53

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