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Music's Not For Everyone

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Chain and the Gang

Music's Not For Everyone

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Many people have compiled a home library of records, compact discs, ticket stubs or concert set lists, but Chain & The Gang might not be included in all of them. Their delightful racket isn't for everyone. Is it for anyone? Possibly. Music's Not For Everyone is their follow-up long-player to Down With Liberty … Up With Chains! and it is pithy and succinct. Led by Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, Make Up, Weird War etc), it features roaring organ solos, shredding guitar, and plomping percussion by an all star cast (Fred Thomas, Arrington de Dionyso, Brian Weber).


Chain and the Gang's second album gives Ian Svenonius another opportunity to stand in front of a massive ensemble of musicians on his soapbox. As on Down with Liberty... Up with Chains!, a who’s who of K Records clientele backs up the former frontman of the Make-Up while he holds together the purposely loose show with poignant rants and loads of charisma. Music's Not for Everyone is a lazy take on garage rock, indie rock, and Motown, fleshed out with vintage organs, raw guitar tones, and eight backup singers dealing out call-and-response lines. Overall, it's a darker and more uneven album than the debut, but notwithstanding a few oddities (three reprises, and Arrington de Dionyso’s Gregorian throat singing, namely), it's a respectable follow-up. As usual, Svenonius' wit shines in his lyrics. He lays out the steps one must take when forming a Detroit garage rock band (“Detroit Music” and “Detroit Music, Pt. 2”), tries to file a grievance with a former lover for wearing out his lips (“Bill for the Use of a Body”), and takes issue with so-called audiophiles, who miss the deeper meanings of music: “For them it’s just something that they think they’re supposed to do.../Music’s not for them, it’s for me and you.”

Additional Information

Artist Chain and the Gang
Track Listing 1 Why Not? - 2:47 2 Not Good Enough - 2:46 3 For Practical Purposes (I Love You) - 3:00 4 Livin' Rough - 2:46 5 It's a Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High) - 4:02 6 Detroit Music - 2:21 7 Detroit Music, Pt. 2 - 2:22 8 Music's Not for Everyone - 5:06 9 Can't Get Away - 2:54 10 (I've Got) Privilege - 2:51 11 Youth Is Wasted on the Young - 3:48 12 Not Good Enough [Dub] [Version] - 3:08 13 Bill for the Use of a Body - 3:13 14 Why Not?, Pt. 3 - 1:48

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