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Church With No Magic

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Church With No Magic

12" LP

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Quick Overview

As Warpâ TMs first Australian signing, PVT (formerly Pivot) released their acclaimed debut, O Soundtrack, My Heart in 2008. The band quickly went to work on their follow-up with engineer Burke Reid in Sydney. Their efforts would take the form of an album that builds upon the anthemic synth-driven instrumental movements for which PVT is renowned, along with the power of their visceral live shows. The sound has been brilliantly tempered and expanded by the trio into brooding, melancholic experimental pop - an amalgam of rock synthesis, propulsive rhythms and huge melodic strength. Itâ TMs a dark and expansive sound that PVT has made substantial movements on this record to make their own. Church With No Magic represents a band not afraid to risk its hand for sake of something new.


Church with No Magic reveals that in the two years between this album and O Soundtrack My Heart, PVT went through some significant changes. The most obvious is the alteration of the band’s name (thanks to a legal scuffle with a U.S. band also called Pivot), but the addition of Richard Pike's vocals to PVT’s mix of post-rock, electronica, and prog is almost as immediate. For the most part, it’s a change for the better, adding focus to the band’s overflowing sounds and ideas. Pike’s singing balances “Light Up Bright Fires”’ tension between icy electronics and explosive live drums, his harmonies suggesting flames shooting high into the sky; he snarls and whispers on the bleak, incantatory title track, which suggests an unholy union of Suicide and The The; and his baritone grounds the decaying industrial beauty of “Crimson Swan” in post-punk brooding. Despite all the changes, PVT remain committed to their experimental roots. Even on “Window,” arguably Church with No Magic's most accessible track, the band can’t help but throw in subtle tempo shifts that subvert the song’s brisk pace. Elsewhere, “Community” and “Waves and Radiation”'s rippling analog synths show that they love Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis as much as they did on their earlier albums. PVT’s prog leanings come to the fore on “The Quick Mile,” a showcase for drummer Laurenz Pike's formidable skills and a reminder that despite all their muscle, this band is first and foremost cerebral. At times they can be too aloof, as on the surprisingly distant “Circle of Friends,” though they use this remoteness well on “Timeless”' sci-fi romance. Despite their changes, PVT remain as hard to pin down as ever, and Church with No Magic is admirable, if not exactly embraceable.

Additional Information

Artist PVT
Track Listing 1 Community - 1:42 2 Light Up Bright Fires - 4:13 3 Church with No Magic - 3:54 4 Crimson Swan - 4:37 5 Window - 3:02 6 The Quick Mile - 4:26 7 Waves and Radiation - 2:53 8 Circle of Friends - 3:44 9 Timeless - 5:31 10 Only the Wind Can Hear You - 3:56

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