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Fantasm Planes


Fantasm Planes

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Taken from the Iradelphic sessions Clark announces the Fantasm Planes EP, a six track 12'' releasing September 4th. A counterpart to Iradelphic featuring variations on album tracks as well as completely unheard gems, one of which is the title track which was premiered on KCRW in June. Fantasm Planes sees Clark exploring the harder, more dancefloor orientated side of his work, which coincides with his live sound to be showcased across the US this September.


The sessions for Clark's Iradelphic album were so prolific that they sparked not only that album but also a series of excerpts available online and this EP, which is half new material and half reworked Iradelphic tracks, and is just as intriguing as the other material from this particular era in the producer's career. The title track is the main attraction here: it begins with an elaborately spiraling flute melody that is seamlessly mirrored by a fuzzy synth and joined by busy beats that add intrigue without breaking the track's flow. A close second would be "Secret Slow Show," a gorgeous, vocals-dominated track that recalls the best moments of Clark's Warp labelmates Broadcast and Leila. The rest of the EP walks a similar line between graceful and (intentionally) disjointed, most impressively on "Henderson Swooping," which reimagines Iradelphic's "Henderson Switch," transforming its acoustic guitar, burbling vocals, and a massive rhythm into something that seems far more expansive than its just over two-minute length, and on "Com Re-Touch/Pocket for Jack," which builds on the Iradelphic track and takes it in directions that range from subtle to baroque. Fantasm Planes' miniatures are as small but fascinating as a pocket kaleidoscope, revealing something new at every turn. While it works well as a companion to Iradelphic, it's just as compelling in its own right.

Additional Information

Artist Clark
Track Listing 1 Fantasm Planes - 2 Henderson Swooping - 3 Com Re-Touch/Pocket for Jack - 4 Brigitte - 5 Secret Slow Show - 6 Dove in Flames -

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