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Broken Record Prayers

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Comet Gain

Broken Record Prayers

12" LP

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Anyone who has followed Comet Gain since their formation in 1993 has to be somewhat astonished that the band would still be releasing records 15 years later. Their existence is a volatile story of lineup overhauls, rotating members, label changes, shambolic to the point of disastrous live shows, and a general disregard for playing by the rules you have to play by to be a "real" band. It's also a tale of inspiring music, a fierce independence that transcends "indie" rock, and an unswerving determination to make art that means something to people. Over the course of five albums and loads of singles, the group has defied logic and created a legacy of great records and truly memorable songs. Broken Record Prayers is a collection of singles (both old and new), Peel Sessions, and unreleased tracks recorded after the original lineup of Comet Gain split in 1998. The songs here are a vital document of the band, an amazing run of songs that are always true to the ideals of the band. Sonically, it's remarkable how consistent the band has been; the Peel Sessions from the early days of the new lineup don't sound much different than the newly recorded songs. Comet Gain haven't lost any of their fire, they haven't mellowed, and they haven't given up an inch. New song "Love Without Lies" is just as spiky and torn from the soul of David Christian as anything recorded ten years earlier. The flip side of Comet Gain's brittle, punk-inspired nature is their melancholy, heartbroken ballad side; it's also well represented here by songs like fan favorite "You Can Hide Your Love Forever" and the achingly pretty "Books of California." It's a balancing act that the band has always been able to achieve with great aplomb, and it's good to see the collection isn't titled one way or the other. In fact, it's good just to see that the band is still going strong enough to have a collection like this, a near-perfect summing up of the work of one of the truly great bands of the indie rock era. The only thing that would have been better was a collection that included the same kind of songs from the first edition of the band as well. We may have to wait forever on that one, however. Until that miracle occurs, Broken Record Prayers will do just fine.


Since 1992, beloved British indie act Comet Gain has been rattling the most obscurant of cages in the service of youth culture sympathy, a staccato stream of iconographic missives to "the kids" as they walk this Earth, cool to the touch and sometimes shaken up inside. If the group hasn't become a household name, it certainly hasn't vanished from sight, even throughout lineup changes, label jumping, and decidedly non-careerist behavior that would have felled thousands of bands in their position. Leader David Feck's positions on how to operate his endeavor run counter-clockwise to just about any other band on a timeline this extended; perhaps no greater evidence of his theories can be found than on Broken Record Prayers, featuring 20 songs culled from singles, compilations, Peel Sessions, and new material recorded between 1997 and 2007. If you've ever wondered what kind of band puts A-list material on a limited-to-500 single that's destined to sit under somebody's bed, wonder no more. And yet that's the beauty of the Comet Gain machine, and of Broken Record Prayers as a whole. Here, collected, are pages of a scrapbook of eternal youth, the perfect songs to connect the sentiments on a mixtape. Here's to sitting alone in your room, certain that no one else in the world understands what you're feeling until you drop the needle on the record, and all of your colliding thoughts are spelled out for you. Here's to the unsung and the underheard, to the doing it for your own reasons. Here's to decoding the semiotic clues within, and learning all there is to know about the British New Wave. Here's a chance to know what the lucky misfits and clued-in outcasts have known all along, that the masterpieces are in the margins, that each record has a full story to tell, and the singles just have to get there faster than the albums. Here's to speed, to melody, to soul in all of its incarnations. From the elegy of "Jack Nance Hair," written for Heavenly's Mathew Fletcher in the tragic wake of his death, to the clenched fist immediacy of "Beautiful Despair," from the Motown-via-Kirsty MacColl cover of Deena Barnes "If You Ever Walk Out of My Life" to the dance flights and high energy of "Orwell Liberty Dance," here's to figuring it out on your own, with a little help from people thousands of miles away. Most importantly, here's to your newest obsession, in songs that age without so much as a wrinkle or a fallen eyelash.

Additional Information

Artist Comet Gain
Track Listing 1 Jack Nance Hair - 3:56 2 You Can Hide Your Love Forever - 3:48 3 Young Lions - 1:51 4 If I Had a Soul - 3:17 5 Brothers off the Block - 5:17 6 Beautiful Despair - 3:55 7 Love Without Lies - 2:57 8 Hard Times - 3:38 9 If You Ever Walk out of My Life - 2:48 10 Books of California - 3:12 11 Look at You Now (You're Crying) - 5:47 12 Mainlining Mystery - 6:50 13 Asleep on the Snow - 3:31 14 Beatnik - 4:22 15 He Walked by Nite - 2:50 16 Orwell Liberty Dance - 2:47 17 Emotion Pictures - 2:53 18 Tighten Up! - 4:13 19 Germ of Youth, Pt. 2 - 2:18 20 Record Prayer - 3:39

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