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Southern Gothic

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Southern Gothic

12" LP

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Quick Overview

2010 release from the Atlanta-based outfit. The Constellations stomping ground is Atlanta, GA, and in the wee small hours of the morning, A-Town can get awfully bizarre. Southern Gothic is all about what happens in Atlanta from 2 AM until noon. Your tour guide on this madcap adventure is the magnetic frontman and vocalist Elijah Jones, the ringleader of the twisted circus that is The Constellations, who spent two years writing and recording the album with producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley), along with some storied cronies from the local scene.


On this dance-heavy debut, the Constellations attempt to do for Atlanta what Beck once did for Los Angles -- that is, give voice to a city’s cultural makeup by paying special attention to its funkier side. Atlanta has already been chronicled by everyone from Butch Walker to Big Boi, but the Constellations take their own approach, hewing close to a brand of psychedelic hip-hop that makes room for electronica, cabaret, and pop. Overseeing the musical melting pot is vocalist Elijah Jones, who raps with a casual, world-weary cadence and sings in a competent baritone. Backed by Animal Collective producer Ben Allen and multi-instrumentalist Devin Donnelly -- not to mention guest rappers like Cee-Lo, who trades verses during “Love Is a Murder” -- Jones sketches a broad picture of a city filled with neon, sex, late-night revelers, and last calls. Some songs could be applied to any metropolis, but the band gets specific during tunes like “Setback,” where space-age synths underscore lyrics of street violence, and “Stand Right Up,” which turns a Tom Waits sample into a play-by-play beat poem of Atlanta’s seedy nightlife.

Additional Information

Artist Constellations
Track Listing 1 Setback - 5:23 2 Perfect Day - 4:24 3 Love Is a Murder - 3:46 4 December - 4:11 5 Take a Ride - 4:57 6 We're Here to Save the Day - 3:29 7 Felicia - 3:28 8 Step Right Up - 9:15 9 What I See - 5:42 10 Weighing Me Down - 3:58 11 On My Way Up - 5:40

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