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When Fish Ride Bicycles

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Cool Kids

When Fish Ride Bicycles

12" LP

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In the packed confines of clubs around their hometown of Chicago and throughout the world The Cool Kids' irresistible, hooky rhymes and club cramming beats seamlessly bridge the old and new schools of hip hop while assuring them a sure-fire path to world-wide attention. In their short amount of time as a duo The Cool Kids have been featured in Rolling Stone, XXL, The Source, Spin, Paper Magazine, CBS News, The New Yorker, The Fader, and on the cover of The Urb. But earlier this year, the hip-hop duo of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish signed up with the Mountain Dew-sponsored Green Label Sound. The beverage-flavored label helped them drop a few singles throughout the years, including 2008's Delivery Man and this year's Bundle Up The 14-track effort features collaborations with Travis Barker, Bun B, Ghostface Killah, and Asher Roth, as well as production credit for Pharrell Williams on the track Summer Jam. CD includes bonus tracks not included on the digital album!


Taking their name to heart, the Cool Kids took a three-year stroll from their beloved 2008 EP The Bake Sale to this 2011 debut album. "Aloof", "meandering", and "unwilling to 'seize the moment'” prove to be positive elements for this alt or underground hip-hop crew, both in their career and on album, as this sneaky yet rewarding, De La Soul-esque experience displays. Still, it’s a new “Daisy Age” as When Fish Ride Bicycles shakes off some of the group’s love of retro and enters the slick, post-Neptunes, post-N.E.R.D. world where anything goes, and it often goes pop. Pop-punker Travis Barker is behind the boards for “Sour Apples," offering a production where new wave meets Odd Future as the Kids spit the skeptical hook “I met a couple honeys in my line of work/Some sour apples, some sweet as desert.” Save a couple choice cuts from the Neptunes themselves, Kids member Chuck Inglish handles the rest of the vivid production, which is flashy and backpacker all at once, and if Bun B and Ghostface don’t seem at home in these surroundings, it’s the Kids’ thug wit and prime punch lines (“I’m Park Place, you’re Marvin Gardens”) that welcome them as friends. The kinetic, mini-funk monster “Swimsuits” withMayer Hawthorne puts it over the top, making the long wait forgivable and the album highly recommendable.

Additional Information

Artist Cool Kids
Track Listing 1. Rush Hour Traffic 2. GMC 3. Freak City (bonus track) 4. Sour Apples 5. Bundle Up 6. Boomin' featuring Tennille 7. Penny Hardaway featuring Ghostface 8. Get Right 9. Gas Station featuring Bun B 10. Flying Kites (bonus track) 11. Swimsuits featuring Mayer Hawthorne 12. Roll Call 13. Talk of the Town (bonus track) 14. Summer Jam

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