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Cor-Crane Secret

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Cor-Crane Secret

12" LP

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The first of many critically acclaimed albums from the Chapel Hill guitar rock innovators who ruled the 90's with an iron, artfully de-tuned fist. 1992's "Cor-Crane Secret" is an ambitious debut, showcasing what would become a signature approach to rock music: tweaked, sprawling in scope, and adorned by serpentine melodies straddling the border where east meets west. A classic; long out of print on vinyl.


Critically embraced, this full-length debut from Polvo deserves notice for its scope and imaginative guitars. However, Cor-Crane Secret sounds brittle when compared to the work of more accomplished '90s guitar bands like Built to Spill, Pavement, and Sonic Youth. More experimental than indie rock's "accessible" success stories, Polvo could never establish a broad listenership -- even after their later, more song-driven releases that stand up to the class of their genre. This determined art rock approach is perhaps most limiting on Cor-Crane Secret, with its sometimes unnecessary abrasiveness. Sonic envelopes are pushed to the detriment of what could be grand material as youthful enthusiasm gets the better of songs like "Ox Scapula" and "Duped." The band's tendency to meander through long patches of dissonant but artful guitar structures vigorously challenges the average rock attention span. This is probably to their credit, but Polvo dare themselves into overpowering their own rich songwriting on Cor-Crane Secret.

Additional Information

Artist Polvo
Track Listing 1 Vibracobra - 4:47 2 Kalgon - 2:02 3 Bend or Break - 5:24 4 Can I Ride - 3:44 5 Sense of It - 2:35 6 Ox Scapula - 1:41 7 Channel Changer - 4:28 8 In the Hand, in the Sieve - 2:32 9 The Curtain Remembers - 3:25 10 Well Is Deep - 4:41 11 Duped - 2:57

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