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Crippled Dog Band

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Bobb Trimble

Crippled Dog Band

12" LP

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Given the longtime obscurity that Bobb Trimble's first two albums had been lost in, it was almost surprising to realize that the story had its own even more obscure sequel, the documentation of when Trimble joined a band in 1983. Partially made of veterans from the Kidds, the youthful bunch that had backed him up on some Harvest of Dreams tracks, the Crippled Dog Band proved to be a nicely raucous counterpoint to the extreme delicacy that Trimble had already made his own. Their one, extremely limited-edition album, partially anthologized on Life Beyond the Doghouse in 2002 and then fully re-released in 2011, found Trimble and company delivering a generally quicker, shuddering energy than his previous releases had shown, yet at the same time, it's impossible to miss how it's still Trimble through and through, thanks to his unique, sweet, and strange voice, as well as his constantly flanged, almost pulsing guitar. Songs like "Camel Song" and "Fight or Fall" are perfect representatives of this kind of energy, sometimes big, clattering, and loud, sometimes feeling like a perfect garage/folk nugget from the '60s dropkicked into a much different time (something the video game noises that start and end the record help to reconfirm). Then there's "All Together Now," embodying Trimble's endless love for the Beatles but also rewritten into an anthem for the Crippled Dog Band itself. Two songs familiar from other releases took on slightly different forms here -- Harvest of Dreams' "Armor of the Shroud" has a somewhat more roughed-up feeling here, though it's still the longest and most mysterious track on the later release, while "Galilean Boy," having later surfaced as a live bonus on Harvest's CD release, appeared in studio form here first.


The year was 1983, and Bobb Trimble had two then-unrecognized masterpieces to his credit and a lot of confusion and indifference from his fellow travelers in the Worcester, MA “Wormtown” scene. Never one to worry much about appearances, Bobb accepted an invitation to join a group of teenage boys who called themselves The Crippled Dog Band, named after Boopsie, a three-legged canine local. Bobb donned the title of Chief Crippled Dog and led the Band on enthusiastically received gigs throughout the region. Unbeknownst to almost anyone, they completed a raucous album full of addictive hooks, feedback, teen chatter and video game noises. But soon the Band splintered and Bobb decided to forget about the whole thing, disposing of the entire 500-count LP pressing in an office park dumpster. All of which would be nothing more than a typically weird footnote to the Bobb Trimble legend, except for the fact that The Crippled Dog Band is very different from, but every bit as remarkable and brilliant as Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest Of Dreams. Having proved himself, if only to himself, this is where Bobb stops chasing glass menagerie fantasies of perfection, tempers the dread of his first two records, and reconnects with his DIY roots. This unique collaboration between the greatest psychedelic musician of the 80s and his scrappy acolytes yields pure rock and roll and the result is raw, crazy, and infectiously exciting. Remasted under Bobb's direct supervision.

Additional Information

Artist Bobb Trimble
Track Listing 1 Intro - :22 2 All Together Now - 2:11 3 Live Wire - 3:36 4 Galilean Boy - 2:51 5 Fight or Fall/Screw It - 4:31 6 The Camel Song - 3:37 7 Undercovers Man - 2:48 8 Armour of the Shroud - 6:09 9 Poker Game of Life - 3:16 10 You Should See My Girl - 2:55 11 Angel Eyes - 2:52 12 Outro - :40

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