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The long, slow demise of rock music has endured endless death throes, but the self-titled debut by Crypts seems to clearly seal its fate while heralding the arrival of something far more vibrant and downright dangerous. The Seattle based dark electronic trio blend thick, hazy drone and synth noise with chopped-up hip hop rhythms, forsaking guitars in favor of more unique and sinister sounds.


Applying a Newtonian mindset to music, former These Arms Are Snakes frontman Steve Snere, weary of the guitar-based rock world, formed electronic trio Crypts with programmer Bryce Brown and visual artist Nick Bartoletti to blast an opposite but equally powerful reaction to the 2010s rock revival. Eschewing the post-hardcore sensibilities of These Arms Are Snakes, Snere and company instead take inspiration from '80s industrial and goth sounds, combining harsh aggression and cold gloom with dramatic, visceral vocals. In place of a six-string are Brown's home-modified synths and drum machines that build an ominous, all-consuming atmosphere of thick noise, subsonic bass, and glitching beats. Produced by Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces), Crypts unearths the creeping paranoia of Alan Howarth-style synth gunk ("Completely F***ed"), the droning desperation of early-'80s Cure ("Territories"), and the nihilistic intensity of late-'80s Ministry ("Fancy"), only letting up with moments of skittering, Southern hip-hop-influenced rhythms ("Daft"). Crypts deal in musical entropy, and their sound is primed for the ultimate end-of-the-world party.

Additional Information

Artist Crypts
Track Listing 1 Completely F***ed - 2:01 2 Daft - 2:20 3 Territories - 6:06 4 Breathe - 4:39 5 Fancy - 3:22 6 Smut - 5:02 7 Bloods - 5:27 8 Sleazy - 4:55

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