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Ghost Town

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Dan Friel

Ghost Town

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Ghost Town is the first full-length solo release from Parts & Labor singer/ electrician Dan Friel. Characterized by its anthemic melodies, complex electronic arrangements, and huge distorted beats, Ghost Town is an indie record the noise kids will love and a noise record that will inspire the indie kids to pick up some busted electronic gear and strive for immortality. Comparisons are tough, but perhaps if In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was sculpted out of distorted noise you might be getting close. Warning: if you plan on playing this in the record shop you work at during open hours you'd better make sure you've got plenty in stock. This is one of those records you can sell to everyone from the noise-heads in the corner to fitness moms looking for something to work out to. Dan Friel's Ghost Town has universal appeal.


There are lots of noise-mongers out there, and lots of beat junkies, and lots of glitch fiends. What's a little unusual is when someone brings all three tendencies to the table simultaneously, and what's even more unusual is when he does so with such an attitude of good cheer. As weirdly abrasive as much of this music is, it always seems to be wearing a grin, and that turns out to count for a lot. Ghost Town is the first full-length solo album by Parts & Labor singer/electrician Dan Friel, and on it he doesn't sing at all -- or at least, he doesn't seem to sing, though the liner notes provide no details about how the music was put together and it's certainly possible that some of the crunches, glitches, creaks, and howls out of which this album is built originated as vocal noises. The notes tell us only that Friel is responsible for the noises, which are varied and wild in the extreme. On "Desert Song" the legs are kicked out from under the rhythms and the melodies are smeared all over, but both the rhythms and melodies somehow retain enough shape to make the tune both interesting and fun. "One Legged Cowboy" is a glitchily lovely number that mutters and swoons around a static melodic motif, while "Buzzards" is more conventionally rockish and "Appliances of Bremen" nods gently towards late-'80s industrial. Perhaps best of all is the long and complex "Ghost Town, Pt. 2," which starts out as a tangled string of aimless glissandi that sounds like an electronic slide-whistle free-improv group, then suddenly shifts over to a robotic bagpipe, and then collapses into a welter of frenetic glitch beats. Brilliant! "Horse Heaven" ends the program on a contemplative note. Very highly recommended.

Additional Information

Artist Dan Friel
Track Listing 1 Ghost Town, Pt. 1 - 3:00 2 Desert Song - 2:38 3 One Legged Cowboy - 2:31 4 Appliances of Bremen - 1:09 5 Buzzards - 4:16 6 Ghost Town, Pt. 2 - 6:27 7 Singing Sand - 3:19 8 Horse Heaven - 5:21

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