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The Decemberists burst onto the scene with Castaways and Cutouts, wowed critics and gained legions of fans with Her Majesty, and then continued the trend with Picaresque. Along with these recorded feats they have been praised for their captivating live shows and never ending lengthy tours. Following the release of their latest album, Picaresque, The Decemberists are everywhere. Really everywhere, in the pages of Rolling Stone and Wired, on NPR, in Nordstrom, on your TV and radio, etc. In the wake of all this Kill Rock Stars is re-releasing their highly acclaimed EP The Tain. This concept EP was previously released last year on Acuarela. The Tain's cornerstone is a cycle of Celtic mythology under the same name and is basically a one epic song divided into five parts. A bit of a rock opera, the Tain has been a live favorite among their fans.


After releasing two solid albums of British folk-inspired library-pop, it's only fitting that the Oregon-based collective the Decemberists would construct a nearly 20-minute EP based on an epic tale concerning a violent cattle raid in pre-Christian Ireland. If anything, Tain is the indie rock generation's "Court of the Crimson King," a narrative that's as isolating as it is compelling, especially when filtered through the surprisingly Black Sabbath-inspired song cycle. Composed of five movements, parts one and two roll in like an outtake from Deep Purple's Machine Head, part three brings together some of the more melodious and mournful moments of Pink Floyd's The Wall, part four introduces some delectable balladry from drummer Rachel Blumberg and part five brings back the Hammond B3 for a true progressive rock encore, all bookended by the musings of a character known simply as "The Crone." While not as Dio as it sounds, there is a certain lust for tall tales and gentry high-speak needed to become fully immersed. For all of it's bombast and esoteric subject matter, Tain is raw, engaging, and bristling with an electricity that's been missing from this enigmatic collective of bibliophiles' previous releases.

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Artist Decemberists
Track Listing 1 The Tain, Pts. 1 - 5 - 18:35

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