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12" LP

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The result of a very long labor, Reveille feels to me like the sound of kids cleaning up after a messy birthday party. High on sugar but exhausted from pin the tail on the donkey.


San Francisco's strident Deerhoof is a much-loved deconstructionist art-pop outfit. The band is part no wave skronk, part Yoko Ono meets the B-52's, and part weirdo J-pop, and continues to push the musical envelope on each new recording. Reveille is a pretty good example of what Deerhoof is capable of. Quite a few of its songs are instrumental, for the most part, helter-skelterish flare-ups with primitive Casio-like bloops and bleeps, angular fizz-pop guitars, and epileptic drum freakouts. Those few songs that feature Satomi Matsuzaki's purring falsetto -- her very presence elevates this band above most avant pop groups -- have a simplicity and sugar-soaked sweetness, enticing listeners with charm before boxing their ears with an all-out aural assault. Reveille begins with an unassuming spoken word opening before launching into a variety of sounds. "All Rise" has a baseball stadium-cum-church organ feel, and "Days & Nights in the Forest" starts off with progressive jazz elements before introducing other elements. Though Deerhoof reportedly has to be seen performing live -- when the bandmembers are able to temper and balance the explosive quiet-loud of their tunes -- to be fully appreciated and to get the full effect, this album is as good a place to start your journey as any of the group's recordings.

Additional Information

Artist Deerhoof
Track Listing 1 Sound The Alarm - 2 This Magnificent Bird Will Rise - 3 The Eyebright Bugler - 4 Punch Buggy Walves - 5 No One Fed Me So I Stayed - 6 Frenzied Handsome, Hello! - 7 Days & Nights In The Forest - 8 Top Tim Rubies - 9 Hark The Umpire - 10 Our Angel’s Ululu - 11 The Last Trumpeter Swan - 12 Tuning A Stray - 13 Holy Night Fever - 14 All Rise - 15 Cooper - 16 Hallelujah Chorus -

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