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Green Cosmos


Green Cosmos

12" LP

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Quick Overview

If you know Deerhoof, your expectations will be way off the mark. If you don't, don't have any expectations. This is a band that can best be described as a washing-machine full of songs veering between spin cycle and a steady wash. And over fifteen minutes and seven tracks that comprise the Green Cosmos EP, expect this variation to happen many, many times.

For the first ten seconds of "Come See the Duck," the blasting riff and heavy drums will catch your ear, before grabbing the rest of your head and pulling it about quite violently. Lurching from garage-rock to thrash and back again, by the time you drag yourself to sanity and think "what was THAT?!" the song's moved onto "Green Cosmos," which is far more coherent, with a regular beat, chiming, bleeping keyboards and Japanese lyrics. The pattern of surprise and exploration repeats itself in many guises (the pastoral/ dramatic schizophrenia of "Malalauma," the toytown jazz-reggae of the wonderfully titled "Hot Mint Air Balloon"), worming its way into the listener's brain with its own charm. By the time it's done, you should be well and truly under Deerhoof's spell. --Thom Allott --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


Initially released only in Japan and later in the U.S. via Menlo Park, Deerhoof's Green Cosmos EP shows off a less manic side of the band than their usual modus operandi. The bright, brassy rocker "Come See the Duck" (based on the way the song sounds, the duck must be fire-breathing and six feet tall) is the closest the EP gets to Deerhoof's quintessential approach; even though Green Cosmos is only seven songs long, the band spends the rest of the EP trying on as many different sounds and feelings as they can cram into it. The production is surprisingly lush, with songs like the jazzy "Hot Mint Air Balloon" boasting brass and xylophones and "Spiral Golden Town" moving from trippy symphonic samples to an odd -- but totally Deerhoof -- fusion of chamber-pop, synth-pop and big-beat. Elsewhere, the band goes gentle: "Malalauma" is delicately psychedelic, with an appropriately Asian feel, while Satomi Matsuzaki's meowed vocals on "Koneko Kitten" make the track that much more adorable. Since Green Cosmos is so short, its eclectic sound doesn't stick around long enough to feel scattered. Instead, it just reaffirms Deerhoof's unspoken manifesto -- that music should be fun -- and offers a nice, bite-size portion of their crazy sweetness.

Additional Information

Artist Deerhoof
Track Listing 1 Come See the Duck - 1:06 2 Green Cosmos - 3:24 3 Malalauma - 2:26 4 Spiral Golden Town - 2:59 5 Hot Mint Air Balloon - 1:05 6 Koneko Kitten - 2:10 7 Byun - 2:14

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