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Diamond Rugs

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Diamond Rugs

Diamond Rugs

12" LP

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Diamond Rugs is a collaboration between John McCauley, Robbie Crowell, Ian Saint Pe, Steve Berlin, Hardy Morris and Bryan Dufresne. Not too dissimilar from the beginnings of Middle Brother, McCauley decided he wanted to make another record during his downtime in his new home base of Nashville, with producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins. While attending a Los Lobos show, he made his way backstage and met Steve Berlin. McCauley convinced Berlin to come to Nashville to play on the record. Over the course of the next month, he also managed to convince Saint Pe, Morris and his good friend from his hometown of Providence,RI Dufresne. McCauley also recruited Deer Tick keys/sax player Robbie Crowell to play bass on the album. What happened next was entirely unexpected; the musicians McCauley had recruited to play on his record ended up contributing their own songs to the album and a fully-formed band emerged, rather than a group of musicians playing on another artists record.


The debut album from Diamond Rugs started out as a solo project from John McCauley of Deer Tick, but after he recruited a curious but intriguing lineup of musicians and they started playing together in the studio, he found out he wasn't the only one on hand with ideas for songs. After listening to the album, it's not hard to imagine that this revelation was prompted by a certain amount of liquid refreshment; most of the best and most enjoyable songs on Diamond Rugs involve getting drunk, and the playing has the loose and loopy feel of a jam session where the players were up for just about anything after a few beers. The musicians on Diamond Rugs are good enough to make these performances sound potent and emphatic, with Ian Saint Pe of the Black Lips and Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate on guitars, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos on sax and keys, Robbie Crowell of Deer Tick on bass, and Bryan Dufresne of Six Finger Satellite behind the drums. The songs have a ragged swagger that lurks somewhere between a Stones tribute act and the second-best garage band in town, and this ad hoc group tears into their makeshift tunes with commendable vigor, if a sometimes shaky grasp. In the supergroup stakes, Diamond Rugs most clearly recall Golden Smog in the way the songs reflects the personalities of the individual members and feel more like a boozy hoot than an attempt to fashion a new body of "serious" work. If this isn't as good as Golden Smog's small body of work, one could reasonably argue that outside of Steve Berlin, no one in Diamond Rugs has made a record as good as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Hollywood Town Hall, or Hang Time, all of which have ties to the Golden Smog brand. Still, Diamond Rugs is a lot more fun and less self-conscious than what Deer Tick usually delivers, and these guys might do well to pony up for a couple cases of beer and give this another try, though no one involved is advised to give up their other gigs yet.

Additional Information

Artist Diamond Rugs
Track Listing 1 Hightail - 2:25 2 Gimme a Beer - 3:11 3 Big God - 2:35 4 Call Girl Blues - 4:36 5 Out on My Own - 2:57 6 Country Mile - 4:33 7 Totally Lonely - 2:24 8 I Took Note - 2:41 9 Blue Mountains - 2:28 10 Motherland - 4:18 11 Tell Me Why - 3:42 12 100 Sheets - 3:29 13 Hungover and Horny - 2:28 14 Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant - 3:50

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