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Duets For Guitars #2

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Duets For Guitars #2

12" LP

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This is M. Ward's first record, originally released by Co-Dependent Records in 1999, then re-released in 2000 by M's friend Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) on his Ow-Om label. It has been out of print ever since.


Originally released in 1999, M. Ward's debut is a sparse, mostly live affair recorded with pal and engineer Adam Selzer of Norfolk & Western at Type Foundry Studio in Portland, OR. Listeners who are already accustomed to Ward's breathy, conversational vocal delivery and soft-picked, West Coast Americana melodies will find much to love here, while those looking for good entry point should probably start with one of his later albums. Duet for Guitars #2 is peppered with instrumentals in the John Fahey and Bad Timing-era Jim O'Rourke vein, and Ward's lackadaisical picking sounds just as lazily precise here as it does on future recordings. There's a real warmth to the sessions that transcends the often bare-bones production. For the most part, it sound like most takes were done live with two microphones, with the occasional overdub, and that style suits Ward's dreamy tales of molasses-slow teenage summers ("Beautiful Car") and oddball parables like "Fishing Boat Sons." It's also interesting to hear him shedding the inflections of some of his more obvious heroes like Neil Young ("Who May Be Lazy") and Bob Dylan ("It Won't Happen Twice"). Duet for Guitars #2 sounds like a debut. It's got some filler and it tips to the lo-fi end of the scale more often than not, but it's brimming over with promise and timelessness.

Additional Information

Artist M.Ward
Track Listing 1 Duet for Guitars No. 2 - 2:05 2 Beautiful Car - 2:37 3 Fishing Boat Song - 1:42 4 Scene from No. 12 - 2:51 5 Good News - 3:12 6 The Crooked Spine - 1:38 7 Look Me Over - 4:08 8 Who May Be Lazy - 3:06 9 It Won't Happen Twice - 2:46 10 He Asked Me to Be a Snake & Live Underground - 1:19 11 Song from Debby's Stairs - 3:20 12 It Was a Beautiful Car - 1:06 13 Were You There? - 2:37 14 Not a Gang - 2:33 15 Duet for Guitars No. 1 - 2:17

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