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Christian Fennesz, David Daniell and Tony Buck (The Necks) are three of the most recognized and respected players in experimental music from around the globe. In 2009 the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN brought the three together and encouraged them to collaborate at the festival. The aptly named Knoxville documents the results of that first collaboration. Recorded on February 7th, 2009, Fennesz (guitar and electronics), Daniell (guitar) and Buck (drums) channel their collective energies into a darkly atmospheric piece of music that ebbs and flows with remarkable cohesion.
Minimalist drum passages scatter over the top of textured layers of guitar and subsumed melodic sequences, eventually giving way to warm beds of evolving, tactile drones. Sonic rain showers roll into full-blown thunderstorms of effected guitar and pounding drums only to yield a field of shattered electronic and percussive debris. The three retain a remarkable sense of unity for never having played together (aside from a brief soundcheck) while allowing plenty of room for each to express his individual personality.


Christian Fennesz (guitar, electronics), David Daniell (guitar), and the Necks' Tony Buck (drums) recorded this improvised set at Knoxille, TN’s Big Ears Festival in February 2009. Soundcheck excepted, the trio members had never played with one another. That makes the intuitive, continual rise and drop of energy all the more impressive, but no context is required for the sake of enjoying these four bristling instrumentals. The quietest moments tend to be as tense as the loudest, and the contrasts -- lambent, sparsely played guitar offset by skittering and rattling cymbals and transitory electronic thrums, for instance -- are deeply affecting with close listening.

Additional Information

Artist Fennesz/Daniell/Buck
Track Listing 1 Unüberwindbare Wände - 8:32 2 Heat from Light - 9:22 3 Antonia - 6:04 4 Diamond Mind - 7:07

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