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Clouds Taste Metallic

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Flaming Lips

Clouds Taste Metallic

12" LP

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Quick Overview

The great thing about Flaming Lips records is that each new one renders all its predecessors obsolete. Clouds Taste Metallic continues the fine Lips tradition of quantum improvement. It's an elaborately orchestrated masterwork of crashing cymbals, chiming bells, tinkling pianos, buzzing guitars, chirping birds, humming projectors, exploding cities, cheering crowds, and vocals stacked to the stratosphere. Each song goes gleefully over the top, but every ridiculous element somehow seems just right. While the carnival atmosphere and silly song titles distract you from band leader Wayne Coyne's serious ambition, the album's power bubbles up from hidden depths and eventually overwhelms you. The smoldering packages in "Lightning Strikes the Postman" and the sleeping millions dreaming about killing the boss in "Bad Days" are funny, but they're also unnerving, and the band builds a whole song out of the sad truth that "Evil Will Prevail." The sense that this isn't all just fun and games makes happier moments such as the cosmic orgasm of "When You Smile" sound like something much more than a hippie's wet dream. This album isn't music to take drugs to; it's the drug itself.


The same extraordinary madness that infected the best work of Brian Wilson rears its head on the shimmering and melodic Clouds Taste Metallic, a masterful collection which completes the Flaming Lips' odyssey into the pop stratosphere. The Pet Sounds comparisons are obvious -- two of the highlights are titled "This Here Giraffe" and "Christmas at the Zoo" -- yet not unfair; like Brian Wilson, Wayne Coyne has refined his unique vision into something both highly personal and powerfully universal. Similarly, while Coyne's lyrics remain as acid-damaged and inscrutable as ever, his densely constructed songs convey emotional complexities far beyond the scope of their head-case titles ("Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles," "Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World"); galvanized by equal parts newfound maturity and childlike wonderment, Clouds Taste Metallic is both the Flaming Lips' most intricate and most irresistible work.

Additional Information

Artist Flaming Lips
Track Listing 1 The Abandoned Hospital Ship - 3:38 2 Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles - 3:27 3 Placebo Headwound - 3:40 4 This Here Giraffe - 3:46 5 Brainville - 3:13 6 Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World - 4:29 7 When You Smile - 3:13 8 Kim's Watermelon Gun - 3:21 9 They Punctured My Yolk - 4:21 10 Lightning Strikes the Postman - 2:50 11 Christmas at the Zoo - 3:06 12 Evil Will Prevail - 3:45 13 Bad Days [Aurally Excited Version] - 4:38

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