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From their beginnings in vocal electronica FOG have mutated into one of the most innovative of the new wave of American alternative rock bands. The trio of Andrew Broder, Mark Erickson & Tim Glenn have spent the last two years touring as a rock combo, opening for DEERHOOF, THE NOTWIST and LOW and took time out to record the songs for 'Ditherer' with Low's engineer Tom Herbers. 'Ditherer' is eleven songs of hard edged leftfield rock and roll featuring collaborations with Alan and Mimi from LOW, MOUNT EERIE, ANDREW BIRD (SPUNK) and WHY?


Fog started out as the project name of Andrew Broder, part of the continuum of bedroom-ensconced D.I.Y. savants making dense, loopy albums with a variety of electronic instruments. But in the course of the intervening half-decade, Broder has slowly introduced more traditional instruments into his previously sample-based work, and after several albums balanced awkwardly between electronica, turntablism (among his other affiliations, Broder is sort of an adjunct member of the Anticon stable of underground hip-hoppers) and psychedelia, Fog is now a full-on, old-fashioned indie rock trio. Finally recording with a stable lineup that includes bassist Mark Erickson and drummer Tim Glenn, Broder has turned Ditherer into a sort of summation of everything Fog has been in the past, thereby clearing the decks for the trio's future. Tracks like "Inflatable Ape, Pt. 3," with its half-rapped vocal cadences, post-punk guitar shards and Motorik beat, are four-minute tours through Broder's back catalog. Guests including Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low, similarly eclectic multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird and Anticon's Why? contribute to the album's general anything-goes sense, but the remarkable aspect of Ditherer is that all of this seemingly impenetrable mass of ideas has been streamlined into 11 relatively concise and surprisingly accessible pop songs. In many ways, it's like an Upper Midwest version of Badly Drawn Boy's similarly polyglot aesthetic.

Additional Information

Artist Fog
Track Listing 1 We Will Have Vanished - 4:28 2 Inflatable Ape, Pt. 3 - 4:00 3 I Have Been Wronged - 3:08 4 Hallelujah Daddy - 3:50 5 What Gives? - 3:58 6 You Did What You Thought - 5:01 7 The Last I Knew of You - 2:34 8 Ditherer - 4:53 9 Your Beef Is Mine - 5:39 10 On the Gallows - 10:24 11 What's Up Freaks? - 3:26

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