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Fire are to reissue Pulp's 1987 album Freaks as part of the Fire Embers reissue series with a special 2 disc release, with the second bonus disc packed with singles and b-sides from the Freaks era


Freaks is so different than It that it nearly sounds like a different band. Granted, that is largely due to the fact that Pulp were a different band, apart from lead vocalist Jarvis Cocker. After the unsuccessful showing of It, the band broke up, leaving Cocker to assemble a new lineup. The most significant new member was Russell Senior, who brought a fascination with art, noise, and neo-gothic overtones to the band. But that change in sound isn't the only reason why Freaks is the darkest record Pulp ever made, or ever will make. Cocker's lyrics are neurotically gloomy and paranoid, obsessed with failures and outcasts. While this would become a signature theme for Pulp's songs, Cocker's outlook on Freaks is oppressively bleak -- he finds no future for the misshapes and misfits in his songs. Not only are the songs hopeless, so is the production. The very sound of Freaks is muddy and impenetrable, making it difficult to find the occasional rewarding moment on the album, such as "Master of the Universe," "They Suffocate at Night," or Senior's "Anorexic Beauty." [Fire Records' expanded 2012 reissue of Freaks is a double-disc set, containing a remastered version of the album on the first disc and a wealth of bonus tracks on the second. These bonus cuts are singles and B-sides from the mid- to late '80s: the A-sides "Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)" and "Dogs Are Everywhere" and their accompanying flips, plus the B-sides for "They Suffocate at Night" and "Master of the Universe."]

Additional Information

Artist Pulp
Track Listing Disc: 1 1. Fairground 2. I Want You 3. Being Followed Home 4. Master of the Universe 5. Life Must Be So Wonderful 6. There's No Emotion 7. Anorexic Beauty 8. Never-Ending Story 9. Don't You Know 10. They Suffocate At Night Disc: 2 1. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes) 2. Simultaneous 3. Blue Glow 4. Will To Power 5. Dogs Are Everywhere 6. Mark of the Devil 7. 97 Lovers 8. Aborigine 9. Goodnight 10. Tunnel [*] 11. Manon [*]

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