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Feels Like The Third Time

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Feels Like The Third Time

12" LP

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The gals in Freakwater sometimes get faulted for placing emotion ahead of execution on their list of singing priorities, but vocal perfection on these songs would be like putting an Armani on a coal miner. Indeed, Janet Beveridge Bean, Catherine Ann Irwin, and David Wayne Gay are all about life's imperfections, its unfairness, and the misery and apprehension that often accompany these blemishes. Their embrace of traditional country comes without the winks and nods that sink so many other modern bands. Here they offer seven originals (six by Irwin) and another group of well-chosen covers that range from the songs of Woody Guthrie to Conway Twitty to Nick Lowe. But Irwin's incisive originals are what truly set them apart, and the final two songs provide ample proof. "Are You Ready" uses a timeless gospel melody to demythologize the hope of salvation in death, while "Lullaby" seeks to comfort and console a child by telling her how lucky she is that she doesn't have her mother's troubles


Freakwater's third album finds them treading similar ground to their first two albums, but since no one else really does what they do, more of the same is welcome. The beautiful harmonies of Catherine Irwin and Janet Bean remain the focus, and Dave Gay, as always, provides solid support on the upright bass; this time out augmented by Brian Dunn on guitar and Lisa Marsicek on fiddle and mandolin. Cathy Irwin's songwriting continues to progress, as this time she accounts for half of the album's tunes. Janet Bean contributes one song with choice covers by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Conway Twitty, and Nick Lowe. Similar in sound to the Carter Family and Gillian Welch, Freakwater stands apart because their lyrics are so firmly rooted in the modern world; no dustbowl ballads here. Sounding more traditional than most neo-traditional country acts with lyrics that have a more modern bite than most contemporary country, it's Freakwater's ability to effortlessly straddle these two worlds that makes them such a special band.

Additional Information

Artist Freakwater
Track Listing 1 My Old Drunk Friend - 3:33 2 Put My Little Shoes - 2:56 3 Forgettable Song - 4:53 4 Crazy Man - 2:39 5 Pale Horse - 3:07 6 You Make Me - 1:37 7 You've Never Been This Far Before - 2:58 8 Dream Girl - 2:41 9 Sleeping on Hold - 4:33 10 Amelia Earhart - 2:42 11 Are You Ready - 2:30 12 Lullaby - 2:12

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