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Gardens & Villa

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Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa

12" LP

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Gardens & Villa channel all the taut pop precisions of 90s Britpop of bands like Blur (borrowed from the 60s anyhow), and send it through an 80s synth filter both undeniably coastal and modern. It's Spoon's Kill The Moonlight lost in a daydream, but with that same hungry energy. Gardens & Villa may simultaneously pull from Gary Numan, The Kinks and odder prog within one composition. And like a fine sweet tea, it's made just that right kind of sugary though even the most upbeat tunes have an undercurrent of the bittersweet and the lost at heart.


After recording in Starf***er's home city of Portland, Oregon, Gardens & Villa released their debut album on Yeasayer's label Secretly Canadian, and coincidentally, Gardens & Villa sound a lot like a cross between those two groups. Similarly, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop, Adam Rasmussen, and Chris Lynch make warm indie pop with airy falsettos and retro synths. It’s a tranquil listen, even when a picnic song like the chillwavey “Orange Blossom,” with its pseudo-sexy hook “Think of me like a swarm of bees/Circling around your knees/To pollinate means ecstasy,” gives way into the chugging acoustics of “Thorn Castles,” a jam that's brisk enough for a jog on the beach. References to the outdoors are peppered all over the album -- from “Black Hills” to "Carrizo Plain"-- and this naturalist theme, combined with the digital production, gives the record a nice sense of balance, even if it sometimes lacks originality.

Additional Information

Artist Gardens & Villa
Track Listing 1 Black Hills - 4:46 2 Cruise Ship - 3:07 3 Thorn Castles - 2:11 4 Orange Blossom - 4:20 5 Spacetime - 3:16 6 Chemtrails - 5:30 7 Star Fire Power - 4:31 8 Sunday Morning - 3:29 9 Carrizo Plain - 4:43 10 Neon Dove - 4:18

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