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Leaving Atlanta

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Gentleman Jesse

Leaving Atlanta

12" LP

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Quick Overview

2012 release from the acclaimed singer/songwriter. To cope with the reality of living in Atlanta, a place that was going straight to hell, Jesse went down to the basement of his house and wrote 20 songs that would become Leaving Atlanta. What could have easily become a bummer record ended up being nothing short of inspiring. The album is bookended by 'Eat Me Alive,' an anthem of perseverance that was for Jesse a demon-exercising tool, and another mover titled 'We Got to Get Out of Here,' which is less about getting out of an actual location and more about getting out of a state of mind. Stylistically, Jesse never strays from his bread and butter: short, hook-driven and delicately patterned rock 'n' roll songs. One could compare him to Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello or Paul Collins 'til the cows come home, but at this point Gentleman Jesse sounds like Gentleman Jesse. Leaving Atlanta is Jesse hitting his personal and musical stride.


Gentleman Jesse & His Men have a tight grasp on what makes rock & roll good. They have the three things you need most of all to make it work: energy, attitude, and songs that make you want to sing along at top volume. Their debut, Introducing Gentlemen Jesse & His Men, was a perfectly crafted modern rock & roll album that sounded like a rollicking, good-time party classic; the follow-up, Leaving Atlanta, is more of the same, but even better -- more direct and more accomplished-sounding, but also tougher and full of fire. The sound jumps off the grooves, tight and wired with the right blend of growl and jangle. The uptempo songs have a bite to them; the midtempo lovelorn tunes are thoroughly tear-soaked and soulful. (One of the ballads, "Careful What You Wish For," even approaches Flamin' Groovies territory, and that's the highest possible praise.) It's an approach Greg Cartwright pretty much perfected with the Reigning Sound and it's not a slag to say that GJ & His Men sound a heck of a lot like those guys here. Instead, it shows just how good they are at tapping into the same influences and delivering the same kind of R&R knockout punch. By the end of the album, you might even wonder who would win in a bout of musical fisticuffs. There's no question where Gentleman Jesse & His Men stand among the contemporary rock & roll revivalists; Leaving Atlanta puts them at the very head of the line. More importantly for those who don't care about rankings or influences or history, it's just a flat-out good-time rock & roll record and that's all that really matters.

Additional Information

Artist Gentleman Jesse
Track Listing 1 Eat Me Alive - 2:58 2 I'm Only Lonely - 3:22 3 Take It Easy on Me - 3:23 4 What Did I Do - 2:56 5 You Give Me Shivers - 2:24 6 Careful What You Wish For - 2:40 7 Kind of Uptight - 2:44 8 Frostbite - 3:22 9 I'm a Mess - 2:46 10 Word Gets Around - 2:10 11 Covered Up My Tracks - 3:45 12 Rooting for the Underdog - 1:29 13 We Got to Get Out of Here - 3:07

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