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2014 release from London-based Electronic producer Actress. Ghettoville follows 2012's R.I.P., but it's really the sequel to Actress' 2008 debut, Hazyville, "sharing a similar rugged style."


Ghettoville is the bleached out and black tinted conclusion of the Actress image. Where the demands of writing caught the artist slumped and reclined, devoid of any soul, acutely aware of the simulated prism that required breakout. Four albums in and the notes and compositions no longer contain decipherable language. The scripts now carry tears, the world has returned to a flattened state, and out through that window, the birds look back into the cage they once inhabited. Spitting flames behind a white wall of silence. The machines have turned to stone, data reads like an obituary to its user. A fix is no longer a release, it's a brittle curse. Zero satisfaction, no teeth, pseudo artists running rampant, but the path continues.

Additional Information

Artist Actress
Track Listing 1. Forgiven 2. Street Corp. 3. Corner 4. Rims 5. Contagious 6. Birdcage 7. Our 8. Time 9. Towers 10. Gaze 11. Skyline 12. Image 13. Don’t 14. Rap 15. Frontline 16. Rule

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