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MU.ZZ.LE although short in length, is long on message - political, social and spiritual interpretations that define him as an artist. Written on the road, it was an outlet for Gonjasufi to challenge himself. It's the response to all the adrenaline, aggression and anger he felt traveling the world, it's a spectrum of his creativity and a testimony of how one man's passion and determination is often misunderstood as anger. ''There's a duality that exists and to deny it, is the biggest mistake''. The albums down tempo strings, heartbreaking soul, reanimated hip-hop and crackling haunting vocal stylings are stitched as a running thread throughout each song like a patchwork quilt. It's a lonely journey that will take you through the innermost thoughts of Gonjasufi's darkest hours. He recorded and mixed it on his own in his home studio surrounded by his family and the stark contrast of the Mojave Desert. The end product is his outlet and realization for who he is, a way for him to feel comfortable in his own skin again. Akin to discovering a gramophone recording fraught with emotive compositions, it's like finding that hidden gem, the one you can truly relate with. It's the way of dealing with the issues of modern man; oppressed by power, freedom of speech, living your life by a book, dealing with the MU.ZZ.LE that's firmly attached around your mouth.


After releasing the excellent A Sufi and a Killer, and allowing artists to remix that material for The Caliph's Tea Party, Sumach Ecks returned as Gonjasufi in early 2012 with what looked to be another full LP comprising ten tracks. In fact, with each song averaging around two minutes long, it's regarded as a "mini-album" and plays the part of a stop-gap very well. MU.ZZ.LE sounds like outtakes from the last LP -- that is, short underwater dub/downtempo emotronica cast-offs -- except it is darker. The tin can production still plays a large part, but there is little regard for song structure. Most tracks sound like fragmented interludes and repeat in a four-chord loop, while delayed textures wash over electronic breakbeats, organs, and Ecks' battered voice. His wife sings on two of the highlights, "Feedin' the Birds" and "Skin," and Psychopop assists in producing three of the tracks, which are similarly spooky, but Gonjasufi is flying solo for the rest, which might account for MU.ZZ.LE's deep sense of loneliness.

Additional Information

Artist Gonjasufi
Track Listing 1 White Picket Fence - 1:47 2 Feedin' Birds - 1:56 3 Nikels and Dimes - 3:49 4 Rubberband - 1:53 5 Venom - 2:42 6 Timeout - 2:51 7 Skin - 2:27 8 The Blame - 3:25 9 Blaksuit - 2:18 10 Sniffin' - 1:26

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