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Headbangers In Ecstasy

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Puro Instinct

Headbangers In Ecstasy

12" LP

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Last year, we here at Mexican Summer came under the spell of the starry Kaplan sisters: Piper and Skylar, and their band Pearl Harbor, who graced the land with their beautific Something About the Chapparrals EP. Funny how time flies for the beyond their year siblings, as it's suddenly 2011 and Pearl Harbor now goes by the name of Puro Instinct. Now Piper and Sky find themselves bolstered by four other bandmates: Cody Porter, Jessie Clavin, Mike Baum, and Crazy Murray to make their hazy, swirling pop even more realized and sumptuous.


Puro Instinct takes the “pop” part of dream pop in sweetly unpredictable directions on their full-length debut Headbangers in Ecstasy. Though the opening track “Everybody’s Sick” is lavished with slippery, glossy chorus and reverb straight out of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, its twittering electronics and rippling guitar arpeggios are more tropical and playful than ethereal, evoking chirping birds and waves lapping the shore. “Vapor Girls” lives up to its name, with guitars and backing vocals that seem to hover and bend in a slight breeze.” Though these lush textures are a vital part of Puro Instinct's sound, they’re in service to songs that are as catchy as hit singles -- it’s no coincidence the album is structured like a block of radio programming, complete with bumpers voiced by a silver-tongued DJ. “Stilyagi” floats, but its hooks are rock-solid; hints of soft rock and even Blue Öyster Cult crop up in “Luv Goon”'s breathy jangle; and “Slivers of You” ends with a proper rock finale. The band ventures into darker, post-punk-tinged territory on “Escape Forever,” which resembles a funhouse mirror version of Blondie's “Call Me” and “California Shakedown,” an ode to the Golden State’s shadowy side. However, Puro Instinct and Headbangers in Ecstasy are at their best when they’re happy. There’s an almost Valley Girl frothiness to their version of dream pop, as if the Cocteau Twins and Julee Cruise went on spring break together. So while “Lost at Sea” has a siren-like allure, the ladies of Puro Instinct sound like they’re calling sailors to come swim with dolphins instead of to watery deaths; meanwhile, “Silky Eyes” has a giddiness to it that recalls the Tom Tom Club or the B-52’s gentler moments. Even when the band’s influences come to the fore, Headbangers in Ecstasy remains a uniquely shimmering confection, tailor-made for driving down the 101.

Additional Information

Artist Puro Instinct
Track Listing 1 [Untitled] - :13 2 Everybody's Sick - 4:38 3 Lost at Sea - 3:29 4 [Untitled] - :08 5 Silky Eyes - 3:20 6 Slivers of You - 2:48 7 [Untitled] - :09 8 Stilyagi - 5:03 9 Escape Forever - 5:08 10 [Untitled] - :09 11 No Mames - 4:46 12 Vapor Girls - 3:57 13 California Shakedown - 5:00 14 [Untitled] - :04 15 Luv Goon - 4:07

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