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Hokey Fright

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Hokey Fright

12" LP

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While on tour supporting his album, indie rapper/producer Aesop Rock wrote a fan email to folk singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson. A few years later they reconnected during the creation of a arts-and-oddities blog, which in turn sparked the pair's collaborative musical efforts. After appearing on each other's respective recent solo records, both found more worth pursuing within the group dynamic, and The Uncluded were hatched. Their debut album Hokey Fright was recorded over the course of a year using a variety of locations and devices, from voice memo recorders to fleshed out studios.


When quirky indie rock acquired taste Kimya Dawson meets enigmatic hip-hop acquired taste Aesop Rock for a project, it sounds like an idea to just roll around the head or maybe an announcement to light up the blog, but it hardly seems like something that would stick to the bones. Jump to the 38-second stomper "Superheroes" included here, where the Uncluded members trade off some of their favorite snacks (Aesop: "Fluffer nutter!"; Dawson: "Shwarma!"), and Hokey Fright is a moldy peach to forget about, but it's only an interlude, and any old curmudgeon who clues into the album's hook might very well find it vital and charming. Hokey Fright explores unexpected interactions and reactions as an "Earthquake" shakes Dawson out of her home, just because the damn power is out. That journey out of the cocoon blossoms into social interaction with the neighbors and the reconsideration of a young local boy and all that the poor kid's been through. Tambourines, strummed guitars, and kitchen utensil percussion drive the beats underneath the lyrics of "The Aquarium," a sneaky song that's all about viewpoints and how any given ecosystem can be observed. Other songs are harder to decode -- and with that Moldy Peaches style of nursery rhyming, it's easy to wonder if it's worthwhile -- but they give up brilliant ideas, like Aesop's "If a uniform man knock-knocks with his document/You shouldn't have to walk out to the mailbox for the other shit" ("Delicate Cycle") because a stern "sign here" would be easier to take with an "and here's the rest of your mail." Expect the expected with plenty of xylophones, campfire guitars, and Dawson's breathy cuteness mixing with Aesop's serious severity, but expect to be thrown as well, mostly by ideas of community and how strangers can leave lifelong impressions, and also by "Tits Up," the electro-loving winner that closes the album.

Additional Information

Artist Uncluded
Track Listing 1 Kryptonite - 1:17 2 Delicate Cycle - 4:15 3 TV on 10 - 3:22 4 Earthquake - 2:04 5 Organs - 3:14 6 Superheroes - :38 7 Jambi Cafe - 3:13 8 Bats - 6:45 9 Scissorhands - 2:41 10 Eyeball Soup - 2:32 11 The Aquarium - 3:49 12 Teleprompters - 4:59 13 Alligator - 3:26 14 Wyhuom - 3:17 15 Boomerang - 4:32 16 Tits Up - 5:17

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