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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals


12" LP

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Quick Overview

In 2007 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals entered Electric Lady recording
studios on 8th street in NYC and went in for a session intended to
last two weeks. Six months and over 60 tracks later, they emerged
with the album Easy Tiger. But it was only a glimpse into the depth of
the work the band had undertaken and the vast amount of material
that was recorded.
As the sessions wound around into the deep winter months a
double album emerged, a rock record that felt more like a hybrid of
all the records that the band had mutually consumed as kids...
from influences as wide as KISS and The Cars.
Originally hidden away in the vault while the band hit the road to
support Easy Tiger, and now for the first time here in its entirety is
the Cardinals second double-album concept rock opera about the
80's, ninjas, cigarettes, sex, and pizza.
Enjoy volume III/IV, by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals, from the
turning point in the classic line up of the band featuring....
Catherine Popper on bass (her last with the band), Neal Casal
on guitar and vocals (his first with the band) Brad Pemberton on
the drums, Jon Graboff on the Steel Guitar (as well as a few
other things) and Jamie The Candyman Candiloro on piano and
synths, here producing again as well.


Recorded during the 2007 sessions that produced Easy Tiger but shelved until 2010 for no particular reason, the double-album III/IV shares much of the relaxed, unhurried vibe of that tight 2007 LP but there is a key difference: this is a straight-up rock & roll album, the first Ryan Adams has released with the Cardinals. No country touches III/IV, not even of the Deadhead variety: Adams is in his alt-rocker mode, so much so that he even dabbles in textures borrowed from the Killers, who were at the height of their prominence back in 2007. Despite these lingering new wave affectations, the roots of this record lie in the left-of-the-dial sounds of the late ‘80s. Adams touches upon rainy-day English rock and atmospheric anthems custom-made for arenas, but his touchstone remains American rock, specifically the Replacements. He’s never as reckless as the Mats at their peak -- hell, he’s never as reckless as he was on Rock n Roll, but he’s not as desperate to prove his greatness as he was on that 2003 mess either. And that’s the charm of III/IV and of Adams in general since he’s gotten sober: he’s not trying so hard. Songs still spill out of him as if he can’t control it, but he no longer sounds as if he ranks his merit by sheer numbers -- he’s just enjoying the process, and who could blame him when he’s back with a band as sympathetic to his needs as the Cardinals? As adept with this set of alt-rock as they were with country-rock, they play into Adams’ newfound relaxed assurance, which is in some ways better heard on III/IV than it was on Easy Tiger simply because he sustains interests over two discs, never peaking yet never lagging either.

Additional Information

Artist Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Track Listing Disc 1
  1. Breakdown into the Resolve - 4:01
  2. Dear Candy - 2:31
  3. Wasteland - 3:13
  4. Ultraviolet Light - 3:42
  5. Stop Playing with My Heart - 2:39
  6. Lovely and Blue - 2:33
  7. Happy Birthday - 2:27
  8. Kisses Start Wars - 2:56
  9. The Crystal Skull - 3:33
  10. Users - 2:59

Disc 2
  1. No - 3:03
  2. Numbers - 2:53
  3. Gracie - 3:30
  4. Icebreaker - 2:12
  5. Sewers at the Bottom of the Wishing Well - 2:42
  6. Typecast - 3:18
  7. Star Wars - 2:44
  8. My Favorite Song - 3:15
  9. P.S. - 2:44
  10. Death and Rats - 2:34
  11. Kill the Lights - 7:30

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